Coffee Clash (Banana Pancakes Pt 48)

The apartment door flung open and Victoria came storming in, throwing down her bag, and flinging her scarf across the floor. Troy almost fell off his chair being startled at first and could see the anger in Victoria's face. "I'm done Tory, I'm so fed up." He instantly panicked, this wasn't the first time he'd [...]



The night came and went as I'd wandered in late, stumbling into the house, keys somewhere in hand. It had taken a good 10 minutes to get through the door, little did I know it was more like 30. Then god knows how long to get to bed. The darkness surrounding me but my bed [...]

Love (Banana Pancakes Pt 47)

Troy lay in bed, staring at the ceiling with a smile across his face. He kept thinking about everything that had been going on over the past year, how he'd been on so many ups and downs and now, the latest up gave him a big smile. After a while he got out of bed, [...]

Wanderlust In Stars

The fluorescent sky dwindled slowly forming its darkened night gale. A cold breeze rolled in, stretching across the frigid skin. Grazing against the hair follicles, up the arms and onto the spine with an awakening tingle. With a shudder, she slowly woke up, stretching in her bed and seeing the neon digital red glow of [...]

The Office

Everyday was dismal in the office. It was forced, nobody liked each other but always came across like they did. It was a camaraderie that nobody really wanted but everyone kind of got along with each and everyday. We'd pass in the corridors, a slight nod, a hello here and there. Sometimes you didn't even [...]

As Fast As She Can (Banana Pancakes Pt 46)

A flick of her wrist, staring at the time. The minutes ticked down, she had to rush. Dodging through the people in the city, a person here and one there. She had to make it. Down in the subway, she flew down the stairs. Running through the ticket booth and just when she thought she [...]


The machines worked in sync. A clasp here, a clatter there. All in tandem with one another. The belts moved and stopped. Moved and stopped. The machine parts rushed down, squashing, moulding. Arms waved around. Moving pieces here, over there and everywhere. The colourful plastics shined in the above lights. They were joined together. Moulding [...]