There Has To Be More To This.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off at its usual 5.30am moment of none existent joy. My eyes are heavy and my left hand wavers in the air trying to aim for the alarm just to end it all. I barely feel regenerated. The sun is rising to give off its amber glow across the [...]


Up & Down

I feel like I'm losing my mind. Going crazy inside my skull. Sometimes it flips, upside down switching the world around where I'm suddenly on the up. Ready for anything. But that sinking feeling tumbled down, claws sinking in and dragging you beneath the ground. The next moment, that creek and shift change of the [...]

You’re A Man Now Boy

I never liked the life I was brought into, the one that. Always trying to find a way out, a way to leave and escape. Escape seemed like the option I couldn't even take anymore, my only escape felt like death. After the first time I did it, I imagined my escape as a trip [...]

My Lucifer Is Lonely

My world has burned and my lucifer is lonely. I feel lost, unaccepted by the fragments of my reality that are left, feeling the drop from life. The calling of the underworld, trying to rein me back but my eagerness keeps me away. The darkness looms around me, tugging at my mind, my skin and [...]

Problem Is, We’re All Going To Die

The thud through my chest, pounding away beat by beat. My urge to do this, to possibly look like an idiot in the middle of New York, in it's heart just to play out my very own hearts desire. It was a risk I was willing to take. The rain poured down, beating in a [...]


The last thing I remembered was hitting the car in front. A huge bang, thud, hitting at 50, maybe 60mph. The airbags burst on display and that was it, the last thing I actually saw. That and the flashes of red. I was a fool. I don't remember the sound of sirens, or the flashes [...]

When I Wake Up

My phone buzzed again. I hadn't even realised I was asleep, did I doze off? Just a minute maybe or was it longer? The moon light still glazed through the room in the wide open curtains. The rest of the night pitch black, it must be late. I flip my phone over just to see [...]