I sat there on the edge of the bed. Boxes at my feet, unsure of what to do with my head in my hands. Our room now felt cold, uncontrolled and void of any life, all had changed in those passing few months. The distance, the escaping love, all disintegrating before me. We'd lived here [...]


In The End – Chapter I

It had been three months, three whole months of loneliness. I was now coming to the realisation that it was it, the end, not for me but the rest of humanity. Three months ago the sequelae infection spread, taking everyone, all of them and now there was just one, me. After having some fun rather [...]

The Last Days

The sun would shine once again, cascading it's adorable glow across the baron land. In that instant, the first spec of sunlight was the news you needed to wake up and get the day started. The start was always the hardest, that first deep breath you had to take in. Let your lungs fill with [...]


It was a cold day, the snow slowly following to the floor and the pathway completely shrouded in the whiteness glow. The moon stood at an angle in the blackness of the sky, shining a thin veil of light across the ground. I could hear the crunching below me, harder on concrete than it was [...]

It’s Coming

The echoes in the room, cascading from one side to another. It was silent, cold and the sound felt solidified. The wraps round my wrists, bound tightly as i sat in the chair. The walls grey, darkened and an unnatural presence was around adamant to get in. At that moment the creek of the door, [...]

River Memories

A cold dark memory shrouded over every time he crossed the bridge of the river. Something burning in his mind, whirring to escape. Every step, each moment he crossed was more flashing memories. Darkened clouds and the dead of night. The faint wind whispering past, everyday he wandered by more flashes would step to his [...]

Coming Home

The man got off the bus, satchel strapped round his shoulder, minimal, just the way he liked it. Where the bus let him off was once a time of fun, friendly outgoings. In that moment it's as if he could see him and his friends running down the street, playing tag and catch, the time [...]