New Year Memories (Banana Pancakes Pt 2)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy had sifted through the images on his laptop for hours, in fact he couldn’t really remember what day it was, let alone the time in the day.

It was technically the fifth day he’d been sat in his room, 5 days since it had all happened and his life had been ruined. His friends had desperately tried to get him out of his small cave like room, but with no luck.

Going through each image, it was himself and a young blonde girl. Each time a smile cracked on Troy’s face as if churning a memory. He stared at one image of himself and the young girl on a balcony, the city lights twinkling in the background with fireworks splashing the night sky in an array of colours.


It was New Year’s Eve and Troy stood in a spacious New York apartment. Some indie music played in the background, with people chattering away as the rooms where almost filled from side to side with people.

Troy stood beside friend Claire, who looked elegant as always wearing a long black sequenced dress, which made Troy look slightly rough off the streets as he wore trousers and a bland shirt and a jacket not matching his trousers, not really realising where he’d be ending up at the end of the night. Kyle walked over the crowded floor raising drinks minding not to knock people, he of course came 80’s impressed with a smart shirt and jacket rolled up by the sleeves.

“Drinks. Drinks for all. Here you go Troy, and of course not forgetting my lovely lady.”

Kyle passed a bottle of beer to Troy and then a glass of champagne to Claire. He still held another two glasses of champagne in his hand.

“Again, we’re at a fancy party, it’s fancy New Year night out and here’s Troy sipping a beer. Why a beer Troy, be fancy for once in your life.”

Kyle smirked at what he just said. Troy took another sip and smiled.

“If you say fancy once more. Also is this your definition of ‘fancy’? You look like something from an 80’s vice show, and Claire.”

Claire gave a hard look to Troy ready to bite his head off, he instantly shifted his eyes elsewhere and sipped another swig of his beer.

“Yeah, thought so. Anyway, where’s she got off to?”

Troy looked around the room, standing on his tip toes so he could get a good glance. He then glanced at his phone and noticed the time at 11.53pm.

“No idea but we’re getting closer to the New Year so she better hurry up.”

Kyle looked up and pointed over. He then started waving his hand frantically.

“There. There she is. Jess, over here. We’ve got champagne.”

Claire slapped her face and looked ashamed.

“Honestly, you can take the boys out of Brooklyn but can’t take the Brooklyn out the boys. You’s are so embarrassing we’re at a fancy party.”

Jess walked over with her long blond hair flowing. She had a smile that gleamed and wore a long blue dress but didn’t look over dressed like Claire and Kyle.

“Ready for the big countdown. We’ve got 5-minutes.”

Jess said with a smile on her face then Troy went in for a kiss but Jess backed away.

“Not yet. Haven’t hit midnight just yet.”

Kyle passed Jess her champagne and Troy’s eyes where looking around the room for more space.

“Tell you what guys, should we head out on the balcony. Nice spot for the display I say.”

They all headed out after Troy’s idea as the indie tracks drowned out and you could only hear the faint sound of what seemed to be some wanna be Mumford & Sons.

They all stood on the balcony, plenty of room with very few people around. There was a chill in the air, probably the reason why very few people where out under the night sky. Just a few minutes separated them and the New Year.

Jess let out a shiver so Troy took his jacket and put it over her with a smile from the pair.

“Tell you what. What’s everyone looking forward to in the next year?”

Jess said with a smile. They all looked at each other with Kyle going first.

“Definitely the next Superbowl.”

He felt a sharp dig from Claire.

“But, of course us planning for our wedding. Even though we haven’t set a date yet.”

Claire then let out a smile and went for what she’s looking forward to as well.

“Well, on that I’m excited for the same, spending more time with you guys and of course the stuff thats going on at our work Jess. Big things are going to happen next year trust me.”

Jess looked at the group and smiled as well sipping her champagne.

“Me to. Work is going to be exciting next year, plus more traveling for me as well on the photo side of things.”

Troy looked out at the night sky with just a minute to go. Everyone stopped and looked at him for what he was looking forward to.

“Oh, me. Just whatever the next year has in store for me and Jess. I’m just looking forward to another year I think of us.”

Claire nudged Troy slightly.

“Who’d of thought Troy of all people was being soppy like that.”

He looked at Jess who didn’t have much of a reaction and then everyone started counting down.

“10, 9, 8.”

Jess took Troy’s hand and the pair smiled at each other.

“4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year.”

Jess and Troy kissed as Claire and Kyle did the same. Explosions set off in the background with the fireworks lighting the sky up in different places.

“Wait, wait. We need pictures!”

Jess let out and grabbed her phone. She threw it to Claire and stood on the balcony, posing with Troy as reds, blues and yellows took off in the sky against the New York backdrop.


Troy sat still staring at the photo of him and Jess standing there smiling as if everything was going to be great in an exciting New Year.

Little did he know that wouldn’t be the case.

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