Some Got It Coming

The faint noise of the front door opening then closing with a creek, a click of the handle and lock in place. Sarah woke in bed, eyes clinging shut to avoid the glaring light from the large window and trying not to move with a pounding headache.

As she rolled she noticed she wasn’t in her bed, instead in a mans, twisting her body to knock him awake.

The man lay there, similar to Sarah unable to open his eyes, but laying bare naked with only the slight bed cover clinging to his body. Sarah’s eyes suddenly opened wide, seeing the man with his messy brown hair and early morning shadow across his face.

She wanted to say something to him but couldn’t utter the words almost inefficient in what she could say as the headache continued to pound in her forehead.

The man looked at Sarah, smiled then rolled onto his other side and went back to sleep. Sarah looked confused so shuffled out of bed and sat on the end in her lace underwear trying not to wake the man again.

She heard footsteps up the stairs, but froze being frigid in place. She soon realised she had to move as the footsteps came closer and grew loader, so frantically started grabbing her clothes from the floor, trying to keep quiet while she did it and having a difficult time trying to find all her clothes from the night before.

The footsteps grew loader till they were just outside the bedroom. The bedroom door then moved open as Sarah just finished pulling up her trousers which she’d found thrown in the corner of the room.

In the doorway stood a young woman, blond hair and looking angry straight away before noticing anything about the room. Her stance was that of a woman who’d had enough, with her hand on her hip and shaking her head.

“You cheating scum.” The woman shouted straight away.

The man suddenly woke up as Sarah now stood in the corner of the room about to button up her trousers but she now stood frozen in place.

“It’s not what you think, honest babe.” The man suddenly sat up saying while waving his hands frantic in the room.

He stood up and went to the door but the woman just waved him away. “I’m so sick of this. I knew it, just sleeping around with her.”

Sarah stood awkwardly as the woman pointed to her. She didn’t know what to say, speechless and still frozen into place eyeing her top on the floor and wondering how she can get it without causing anymore issues.

The woman stormed off and the man followed so Sarah grabbed her opportunity to grab her top and put it on, taking her other belongings and holding onto her shoes from the previous night. She creeped out the room, tip toeing slowly out trying to not grab any attention to herself.

Reaching the stairs she heard the couple argue downstairs until a load thud. She moved down the stairs, cautious at what was going on and wondering what the thud was but as she reached the man lay sprawled out on the wood floorboards.

Sarah gasped, holding her mouth, eyes shifting side to side to see where the woman might be. Blood oozed out the mans skull with an iron stood on the floor beside his face dripping red liquid from his side.

The woman walked back in and looked directly at Sarah. “Don’t mind him, he had it coming. You best leave now I think.”

She panicked, holding her shoes tightly and rushing through the room avoiding any locking of the eyes to the woman and trying not to look at the naked bloodied man on the floor.

Reaching the door she burst through into the hallway of the apartment block letting out a huge cough as she caught her breath catching it again from holding it in while rushing through.

“Note to self, no one nighters ever again.” Sarah said to herself before rushing off and pulling out her phone at the same time.

Via Daily Prompt


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