The Waitress

It’s early morning in the diner just off from the busy motorway road. The sun is glaring in through the blinds. Cathy is running back and fourth between customers. A hot, steaming pot of coffee in one hand and a plate filled with bacon, eggs and toast in the other. “Good morning. Care for a fill up?” Repeatedly Cathy says this over and over.

A man. Brown coat hunched over his shoulders as he eats away at his breakfast. A notepad and pen sit next to him to the right and his mobile phone to the left. The mobile. Old, from the early 2000’s, a flip phone covered in scratches. Cathy the waitress looks over at him, he looks up and she smiles. He immediately looks back down carrying on with his food. Cathy goes to Tony the chef. “He’s been here every morning for two months now. Barely speaks to any of us but has phone calls constantly and he always mutters on them. Who is this guy?” Tony the chef shrugs his shoulders then dumps a plate in front of Cathy, ushering her to another table.

It’s a new day, a Wednesday. Cathy is distracted all morning by the man. His brown, tattered coat he always wears even though he’s inside. This morning is quiet. Just the usual people. She sits in the man’s booth staring at him as he chats on the phone. The man stares back “I’ve got to go” he says as he puts down the phone placing it in the same place as always. “Hello there” he says to the staring waitress. “Who are you?” Cathy replies. He just sits quiet. “Like what do you do?” Again he keeps quiet refusing to speak. Cathy stares into his eyes. “Look I don’t know what you want but” he begins to speak until Cathy cuts him off. “Just simple questions that’s all.” She says back. “You’re here everyday so I thought why not speak to you.”

The Man begins scribbling in his book. “Your just so mysterious.” Cathy says. “I like mystery.” The Man says. “But I don’t want to be disturbed.” “Nobody comes into this back water dive of a dinner everyday.” Cathy says. The man replies “Is not the food nor the service.” He looks her dead in the eyes and taps his depleted coffee mug with no answer from the waitress. “Hmm very mysterious then. Are you on the run? Maybe you’re a wanted man?” “Perhaps I am.” Cathy looks puzzled. “Maybe you just do business in the area them?” “Perhaps I do.” The mysterious man replies. Cathy heres a clicking, it’s Tony the chef so immediately gets up to serve a customer.

She sits down opposite again. It’s another day. A Tuesday in fact. Cathy just stares. “Hello. Again.” He says as he looks up at the young waitress. “Come on. Just reveal something.” Cathy says to him. “Theres nothing to mention. Maybe I’m a simple man who just likes to eat here every morning.” He replies. “What if you have some shady drug business and you do your dealings here.” Cathy says as she turns to stare at the phone that rests next to him. “Ok I’ll reveal who I am.” The man says as he raises his phone. He flips it open. Dialling a number and holding the headset to his ear. Buzzing as the dial tone creeps on the handset. Then ringing. From inside the diner. Cathy looks around. She reaches into her pocket. It’s the waitress.

Via Daily Prompt


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