Back In The Swing Of Things (Banana Pancakes Pt 7)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Early-spring as winter rolled to an end, the leaves had started growing back and some even started going their light green colour on the trees which Troy seemed to just be staring at from inside the bar. It was still a bit cold, often breezy outside but New York had that nice spring air to it at the moment.

Troy sat in a weird hipster bar as he liked to call it where fairy lights dangled from the ceiling and the bar stools had a strange diamond pointed shape to them. He sat at the bar, where a big green neon sign stated ‘drinks’, also with Kyle and Claire, both on a stool as well, Claire trying to grip onto the seat but with a struggle.

“I don’t get why we had to come here. I mean, come on Puzzles? Even the chairs are confusing.” Claire said.

Kyle laughed, “Don’t fret, puzzles is where it’s at.”

“Nobody has ever said that in like ever!” Claire replied back.

Troy sat next to them sipping his drink, Jack and Coke, his favourite. He was sat facing the bar whilst Kyle and Claire faced the dance floor, laughing at various peoples moves.

“Right. Troy, come on.” Kyle said whilst spinning Troy round on his stool.

“Nope, no, knew this was a bad idea.” Troy said back to Kyle.

“What do you mean, come on Troy, it’s about time. There’s plenty of girls out there.” Claire said at Kyle’s surprise seeing as it wasn’t quite like her to thinking picking someone up at a bar was a good thing.

“So, why do you think they call it Puzzles?” Troy says as he looks the room up and down, not looking at women, instead looking at the various quirky things dotted about.

Kyle shook his head, “Stop changing the subject, right girls. It’s time to ask someone out.”

“Her, there. The brunette with the weird, wait no her skirts way too short.” Claire says looking puzzled at the girls skirt.

“All you need is to build up a bit of courage, get out there and ask away.” Kyle said.

Claire cut in, still staring at the girl with the skirt, “Like why does it just end there? I can see everything, literally. So yeah, not her then.”

Troy sipped back his drink, “Seriously guys, I appreciate this but can we just have a good night, bit of drinking, not too much of course. Just, you know friends.”

“What do you think about short hair, her there the blond. She’s not too hipster, sort of just right and….” Claire said to Troy.

“Yeah, she looks nice, how about it Troy?” Kyle said but got a sharp dig with Claire’s elbow into his rib.

“Excuse me, she looks nice?” Claire snapped back.

“Of course not as nice as you Claire, but for Troy, anything will do right now.” Kyle said back.

“Dude, not cool. I’m not desperate you know.” Troy cut in.

Claire leaned forward past Kyle to look at Troy, “It’s been 3-months since, you know. Just ask, get chatting, talk to someone besides us?” 

Again Troy sipped back his drink and stood up. “Alright, some courage. Just ask chat to someone, chat, chat, chat up line. Oh man.” He sat back down on the stool with a struggle, “I can’t do this guys.” 

Troy starts muttering to himself as Claire pulls her stool closer, “Oh I knew this was going to happen. We have a breakdown.” Kyle said.

Claire moved closer to comfort Troy, “Sweetie, just calm it, take it easy and remember that little bit of courage.”

“Yeah, just breath in and forget all that chat up line stuff.” Kyle put a hand on Troy’s shoulder and waved for another drink to the bartender.

“I can do this, I can so do this.” Troy said as the bartender brought over another Jack and Coke for him. As he grabbed it, a blond haired girl stood at the bar next to him.

“I’ll have what he’s having.” The girl said.

She stood in high heels, a good length skirt as Claire would have pointed out and had mid-length blond hair. Kyle and Claire saw the oppertunity and slowly moved back slightly away from Troy to let him seize the moment.

“Hey, I’m Avery.” The girl said to Troy as the bartender brought her over the drink.

“Jack and coke, very good choice. Can I get you one?” Avery said trying to spark conversation.

“Nah, I’m good.” Troy said back.

In the background Claire and Kyle muttered to each other at what he just said to Avery.

“Right, ok. God this place is weird, and seriously why’s it called Puzzles?” Avery said.

“You know, I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s way too hipster.” Troy replied back.

“Hipster, please. I used to come here before it was popular.” Avery said.

The pair laughed at the joke and smiled at each other.

“Names Troy. These are Kyle and Claire, they’re here for some moral support tonight I think, I could call it something else I suppose.” Troy said.

Avery laughed again, “Yeah, I’m with my friends just over there and they kept saying, go over speak to that guy, so here I am. Speaking away.”

“You wanna go for a dance?” 

“Sure.” Avery replied back.

The pair stood up, took a quick swig of their drinks and went off into the crowded dance floor as Kyle and Claire gave each other a sly high-five.

“I approve the length of that skirt and it’s nice to finally get him out the apartment.” Claire said to Kyle.

“He just needs to stop all this drinking too.” Kyle replied back.

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