What A Meager Life

I wrestled with the thought of going into work today as I awoke from my 2 hours and 37 minutes of sleep, yes you heard that right.

My meager sleep led to a very meager day indeed.

Late for the bus as I slumped onwards for what will not be in any way the ride of my life. When I stumble on, there goes any possibility of a seat. Packed from side to side with not meager space provided.

Stepping off the bus, into a puddle which felt like a frozen abyss. I trudge onwards to the towering building to sit at my desk, but oh wait, it gets worse. I can’t seem to find my pass for the building so await for a colleague to let me in.

Wet, late, still drifting in and out of sleep and now I’m ready for a moment of screaming into my ear for the 3 minutes and 39 seconds of lateness.

My boss now walks over, not looking meager in any way, shape or form. Like a rhino he’s hear, pointing without a word to a room on the opposite side of my floor as I stare at it in desperation there’s a breakable window for me to throw myself out from so this hellish landscape can end.

In the room, he screams, shouts and goes over the political workplace policies I have broken, as if I’ve just issued out the ending to the lives of every workforce member and we’re about to be demolished in any second, just for 3 minutes and 39 seconds of lateness.

At my desk, me meager salary cheque sits waiting and the idea of opening it and ruining the day further just fulfils me further in a sarcastic manner so I slide it across to the other side.

My chair is crooked, broken and won’t even lift high enough for me to reach the desk, after some meager hours of work, I find my time hitting the lunch hour and hoping for some ray of sunshine, I find my lunch wet, dripping in fact and not even edible to a dead animal.

The clock ticking by till the end of nigh is as if it clicks forward then clicks back twice more. I even wonder for a moment, will it ever hit 5pm so all this can end?

I drift off for a moment at my desk, imagining a golden lamp, encrusted in jewels. Moving towards it I rub it and a purple smoke escapes in the form of a man, a genie perhaps. I then find myself in my knees begging for all this to disappear and be free, then I snap and wake up to a pile of papers landing on my desk awoke from my slumber.

It’s like I’ve just been told to work harder.

As I leave work, I see the bus drive past, waiting instead a further 39 minutes for the next to roll on in, but of course it’s followed by a second right behind.

Although I had a seat, I had to give it to an older woman that repeatedly requested it, tapping me consistently with her handbag till my soul left my body and auto function kicked in to let her have it.

And then I’m home. Time to drift off and act like nothing happened.

That is until the neighbours wake up, stick on their tracks and play pretend DJ for another night.

4 thoughts on “What A Meager Life

    1. Don’t worry let’s just say I’ve had HUGE issues with my blog. Basically changed my URL and lost all my followers, then this happened again so have just started from scratch because WordPress didn’t know what was going on. Reposting some of my older stuff and my Banana Pancakes series. That will probably explain why it wasn’t on follow though so don’t worry

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      1. Yeah sadly it happened buts it’s been refreshing starting again and seeing what new things I can do. Also my short story series I’ve got to rearrange certain parts but just playing catch up with it at the moment

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