A First Toasting (Banana Pancakes Pt 8)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

A cracked curtain showed a glow of orange and red from outside, clearly marking the end of the day. Troy was slouched in his bed, covers mushed on the floor of his room in a mix of clothes and beer bottles.

As usual he had his laptop rested, flicking through photos on Facebook. You could hear the faint noise of cars and chattering outside in the street but the main noise was the clicking from photo to photo.

He came across one photo, something that glistened a smile across his face as he stared at the happy memory for a moment, now thinking it was part of a parallel universe instead it was so distant.


In an Italian restaurant called Pachino’s, Claire and Kyle are sat at a table for four as a waiter trails over. The rain outside batters the windows, but the chattering of the restaurant overpowers the noisy weather.

“Ready to order?” He said in a fake Italian accent.

Claire waived a hand with a smile, “Not yet, we’re waiting for some people first.”

The waiter nodded, smiled and ran off quickly to serve a man flapping his arm in the air. At that moment, Troy came through the door soaked and wearing a trench coat, behind him was Jess with a large umbrella trying to get it down. Troy takes it and attempts to pull it down when a member of staff offers to assist and take their coats.

Trudging over from the wet weather, Troy and Jess reach the table where Claire and Kyle sit.

“Sorry we’re late. Weather, traffic, it’s crazy out there guys.” Troy uttered trying to shake the wet from his hair.

Claire just shook her head “No, YOU took your sweet time getting ready.”

Jess gave a quick nod “Oh he did alright.”

“Anyway, guys, this is Jess.” Troy held his hands in front of Jess as if she’s about to lay out a performance.

Kyle waived, “Ah, the mysterious Jess. Why’s it taken Troy so long for us all to go out then?”

Claire dug an elbow into Kyle’s stomach.

“So, anyway, this is Claire.” Troy said smiling.

Claire and Jess gave Troy a stern look. “Yeah, I know Troy, remember, we’re friends and erm, work together thats right.” Jess said laughing.

Claire and Jess gave each other a hug, “I think you’ve met Kyle before, at a work party, maybe a dinner, I don’t know.” Claire mentioned as they hugged.

The pair sat down and Troy waived over a waiter.

“You can’t just waive a waiter over like that.” Jess squeaked.

“Yeah you can, I just did.”

The waiter set out a menu for each of them and also brought over a bottle of red wine.

“So, this is going well Jess. You and Troy, how longs it been now?” Claire asked, despite her already knowing.

Jess pulled a thinking face and smiled back, “It is, think it’s rolling on to 3 months now maybe.”

“Before you guys know it, you’ll be moving in with each other, getting married, having kids, all sorts.” Kyle let out laughing.

He got another sharp dig in the ribs from Claire.

“We’ve been together for 7 years and we still aren’t even married, and don’t forget, it took you a heck of a long time to finally decide to move in.” 

“So, why here, why Pachino’s. I heard it isn’t great, and it sure doesn’t look it.” Jess whispers.

Claire rolls her eyes, “You know what Jess, it ain’t.”

Troy quickly cuts her off and smiles with Kyle intercutting as well, “Erm, it has great food.” Troy utters.

“And, we just tend to go to run down not so great places which has, as Troy said, great food.” Kyle replied back as he and Troy high-fived each other.

“Hmm, yeah, and Claire, these two Tend to be almost twins with their personalities thinking they’re always funny.” Jess mentioned.

Claire just nods her head vigorously, “So, now you know what I’ve had to put up with for, like 7 years. It’s like, they’re in sync with each other.” 

Jess then laughs back as Troy and Kyle look at each other puzzled.

Claire raises a glass, “I just want to make a toast to friends, and hopefully this will be for a long time.”

Everyone raises their glasses together as Jess stops and says, “Wait, wait. Gotta get a pic of this for our first toasting together.”

Jess waives over a waiter and passes them her phone asking them to take a picture.


Troy smiles at the picture, the image of him, Jess, Claire and Kyle raising a glass together making a toast to friendship as they all look back smiling down the lens of the camera.

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