As We Roll To An End

It’s difficult to be best friends with one person but be in love with the person they’re with, but that’s my story.

It’s New Year’s Eve, we’re traveling down the motorway trying to get to a party for New Year outside London and we’re all here, me in the back with Lyle, our other friends Sarah, Jess in front of us, then best friend Steve and the woman I’m falling for Kira.

No one’s noticed I’ve been staring at Kira for about 25-minutes now, but I can’t stop. We’ve been friends for a long time, longer than a lot of my friends in this car, but Steve just got there first. In fact the story of that goes slightly different.

He came to me one day, about a year ago, saying he’s in love, he’s obsessed and wants to ask Kira out. I’d been thinking the same, I wanted to be with her but just didn’t have the guts to ask her and thus lost out. I’d backed off, I let my best friend go for the girl of our dreams and now I was bouncing from one relationship to the next.

I’m wondering how New Year’s going to work, when we hit midnight. I’m going to watch Kira kiss Steve. Sarah and I made a deal to kiss when it hits the big 2018, but I don’t want her, she doesn’t want me, I want Kira.

I get it, it’s just a midnight kiss, but isn’t that supposed to be with someone you’re truly in love for?

I had great friends, I truly did, but we all had to watch as Steve and Kira’s relationship bounded from one argument to another. When I said earlier Steve was in love, obsessed, blah blah blah, well he said he was but they’re constantly bickering, arguing, never really seeming like they’re together. Lucky us, we have to sit through it all.

Although the story was going along with heading to this party, that doesn’t happen as Steve hits a pot hole, spins the car into a barrier and bursts the tyre, lucky us. Now we’re stuck, midnights creeping up and we’ve got no way to get to this party.

I’m phased out, sitting on the barrier, no cars passing and staring at Kira as everyone sort of argues amongst themselves. Sarah wandered over, sat next to me and placed her hand on mine when we had all of a few minutes left of this year.

“I know you want to kiss her at midnight. I get it. I’ve known you for years but look, Kira’s with Steve. You need to move on.”

Sarah’s words struck hard, it was difficult someone knowing what’s going on in my head but to put it straight out there in front of me of what will never happen was hard to hear.

“I get it. I know. Just seeing them together, I don’t even think they’re in love. I’m just the guy on the sideline watching and listening to both of them complain about the other.” I replied back.

Sarah put her head on my shoulder. “It’s just a difficult world we live in. We can’t have everything we want and sometimes we have to change lanes and go to a different destination.”

I laughed, “it literally sounds like you’re giving some spiritual life lessons right now but coming from the girl who falls flat after 2 drinks I can’t take it serious,”

I get a punch in the arm from my comments but Sarah laughs along with me. “I’m just glad I made you smile.”

We rolled up to the final minute. We could hear some fireworks going off in the background so Sarah stood, holding my hand and pulled my body up with a smile again. We stood there hugging, Steve and Kira also putting argument on hold to do the same as we ventured into what felt like the final few authentic moments of the year.





“Wait, how are we going to get home after this?” Sarah quickly says.

Everyone laughs.




“Happy New Year” We all scream.

Fireworks explode in the night sky lighting it up. Me and Sarah give each other a kiss and smile.

“See wasn’t so tough.”

I then have to watch Steve and Kira as they embrace each other, but after Sarah’s words of wisdom I know things need to change.

Sometimes, you just have to let go, move on, go separate directions and I think finally, I might be able to do that.


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