Rebound Party (Banana Pancakes Pt 9)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy, Kyle and Claire are all at a party in the same apartment they celebrated a New Year together in the past.

Troy is wandering around the drunk table, mixing up a concoction of alcohol in a large glass. From afar Claire catches what he’s doing, hitting Kyle with he side of her palm on his shoulder. “This needs to stop, look at him.”

Kyle looks past Claire at a stumbling Troy, “Yep he’s drunk, again.”

“That’s all you can say? Really” Claire sighs, “He’s a wreck and he’s getting a lot worse with this whole Jess thing.”

Troy wanders over to a girl with long blond hair, “Well hello ladies, how may you be on this fine evening?”

The girls look at him, one turning her head as she smells the drink on him.

“Anyone care for a drink and being my rebound?” Troy says back, clawing at any form of attention.

The girls walk away, turning their back on Troy. “It’s fine I didn’t like you’s anyway.” He turns and says to a man stood behind him, “Didn’t even like them anyway.” Repeating what he said.

Kyle comes over, grabbing Troy by the arm, “What the hell is going on, seriously? Your acting a fool.” He said holding on to Troy.

Troy raises his glass, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room, “Here ye, here ye. This man is an imposter, being on tinder and calling I, the great Troy of Burton a fool. I have you know, I am no acting of a fool.”

As Troy says this he climbs a chair in the room looking around and waiving his drink, Kyle takes a step back giving up on getting him to calm down and Claire looks in the background embarrassed.

“May I say to all in this room, I don’t know you and quite frankly I don’t like you. I was with someone I loved and she tore my heart out, you all might no her by the name of Jess but I know her by…” Troy began to rant before Claire started pulling him down from the chair, Kyle got Troy from his other side.

“Come on big guy, time to get you home.” Kyle said. “Yeah getting kind of embarrassing now.” Claire followed on.

Troy struggled to get free from their grasps and ended up throwing his drink down on the floor as the glass smashed, he then stood back falling off the chair and into the table behind him, knocking himself unconscious.


Troy, Claire and Kyle leave the elevator into a huge apartment room, filled with people and tables of various drinks.

On the balcony you could see the massive high rise buildings of New York and the twinkling lights of other apartments and offices across the district.

“Who has an elevator leading into their apartment? Like who?” Kyle says.

“You said the exact same thing last time Kyle.” Claire repeated back whilst feeling some deja vu.

“What do you mean again?” Kyle queried.

“We we’re here for New Year, last year. Over there was the balcony we counted down and watched the fireworks across the city.” Troy said to answer Kyles question.

Claire cracked a concerned smile, “You going to be alright Troy. Considering…”

“Considering this was the last New Year we spent as a group, with my ex who ripped my heart out and may as well throw it over that balcony. Yeah, as good as I can be.” Troy said.

Troy wandered off to the table, grabbing a bottle of beer from a bucket of ice. Claire looked on concerned. “You think he’ll be alright, we need to keep an eye on him.”

“Troy is Troy, we gotta leave him to it sometimes. I’m sure he’ll be alright, but, yeah he’ll be fine.” Kyle said.

Troy wandered round the party, keeping to himself and not talking much to people. He didn’t even know many of the people there or even recognise them, heck he didn’t even know who’s apartment it was but he just wanted to forget what was going on in his life and enjoy the moment.

Standing on he balcony, a young woman walks over to him, slim and blond hair, she stood next to him. To start they stood in silence before she turned to him, “Starring across the stars silently as well are we.”

Troy laughed, “Something like that, yeah.”

“You know anyone here, or you getting that weird feeling of, where the heck am I?” She said to Troy trying to build a conversation.

“Something like that. My friends made me partake in this adventurous night out. We were here a while back for New Year last year, so yeah still somehow don’t know anyone.”

“Weird So was I. I don’t remember you, but well big party isn’t it.” She said back.

“Yeah was here with a girl, name was.” Troy sighed to the girl then swigged his beer back, “Name was Jess, love of my life although that’s what I thought.”

The girl stands there not knowing what to say, “Ah right, ok. A friend of mine was coming tonight called Jess, yeah maybe you know her, photographer.” The girl laughed then snorted, “Wasn’t her by any chance, I mean she did breakup with a guy but never talks about him, she never even explains what happened, but hey who am I to ask.”

Troy starts drowning out the noise of the party, beginning to drink his beer quicker and freaking out, “She’s not coming here is she?”

“Yeah, maybe later I think, I don’t know. She invited me so, you know that’s why I don’t know anyone.” She said.

Troy started panicking more, he couldn’t see Jess and didn’t want to. “I’ve got to go, sorry.”

He walked away from the girl and wandered straight to the table grabbing another three beers and standing by a wall opening one and downing it looking at the door in case Jess walked in.

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One thought on “Rebound Party (Banana Pancakes Pt 9)

  1. Wasn’t expecting a friend of Jess to turn up. So Jess broke up with him? Is that what he was upset about in the first chapter (not meaning it in a bad way, just asking for clarification as I had gotten the impression that at the start, Troy was jealous of his friends).


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