Dinner Dispute

Inside a well established steak house at night. The sign outside says ‘Steak House’ as a man stands inside but at the door, finely dressed and ready to see you to your table. Not quite usual for a Steak restaurant.

Inside, the place is finely designed and well presented, featuring large pine wood tables as of hand crafted, small dimmed lights to create a nice atmosphere and plenty of people sitting chatting around.

We come to a table of four, three men and two women. One man and woman are a couple, the other three, all of which are single, sit staring as the couple bicker about something unimportant.

“But the whole point is that the Hollywood lifestyle just seems utterly wrong…”

The other cuts they off. “Right and you always come back to this don’t you. Despite you being obsessed with all their reality shows.”

One of the other three, the woman named Lyn raises a finger. “Maybe we call it quits on this little debate and ask for the bill?”

One of the men named Ori, sat beside Lyn gestures to a waitress. “Yes, perfect the bill.”

The couple now shake their heads and turn back to the remaining three friends.

“So, that was a lovely meal wasn’t it.” The Woman Kate said.

Her partner, named Jones, nodded his head in agreement.

The waitress wandered over, smile across her face. “Yes what can I get you?”

The third man, Jim who was an older one of the group by a few years, quickly blurted out to the waitress in panic. “The bill. Just the bill, sorry, just that.”

Jones looked puzzled at Jim and laughed, “Alright Jimmy boy, what’s the big deal. You need out quick or something?”

“Yeah maybe he’s got something going on outside us for once in his life. Secret date maybe, or he’s seen the awkward one night stand?” Lyn winds up Jim over his awkwardness.

Kate soon pipes up, “Just leave him alone. Jim, ignore them for good sake.”

Jim smiles at Kate but she soon avoids eye contact and looks towards Ori.

The table soon goes silent for a moment until Jones tries to break the atmosphere, “Where is she with this receipt. You only ask for one thing, a simple bill and it takes them forever.”

“I think she’s coming over now mate.” Ori said back.

Jones turned in his chair to see the waitress seem to come over then turnaround and walk a different way.

“See, this is what I mean. You eat and eat and eat at these places, then as soon as you’re done, wanting to leave you can’t. Do you know the reason?” Jones rants on.

Lyn butts in, “I’m sure your going to tell us.”

“I damn well am. The wine. It’s all about the wine!” Jones continues.

Everyone looks puzzled. “The wine?” says Ori.

Jim laughs at the thought, “Wow Jones you’ve out done yourself this time.”

Jones’ brings anger, “Nobody asked your opinion Jimmy boy…”

“Please don’t call me that.”

Jones ignores Jim, “The bloody wine! You ask the bill while in the meantime you need more to drink. They don’t bring it, you drink more and more and…”

Ori smile and laughs, “That makes no sense at all does it mate, come on.”

“It’s true I tell you and it makes all the bloody sense.”

“Oh just shut up you and stop looking like a dick.” Kate answers back.

The waitress returns with the bill. “Sorry for the wait there. Here’s the bill but anymore wine before you go?”

Jones slams the table and raises his hands, “You see, the bloody wine.”

Ori takes the bill and smiles to the waitress, “Ignore my friend here, thanks for that.”

The waitress runs off to another table, Ori pulls out his wallet and puts the bill in the middle of the table. “So we just going to split it 5 ways?”

Jones shakes his head and sits back in his chair. “Absolutely not. I got t last time.”

Lyn cut in again, “Erm if Jones and Kate aren’t paying, I’m not. Think I can afford dinner for 5 in this sort of place.”

Jim threw his napkin down, “No, no way you didn’t pay last time.”

“And why put me and HIM together? I can pay myself.” Kate angrily directs to Lyn who already has a stern look across her face.

“I bloody insist that Jimmy boy pays it all you little bastard.” Jones says as he slams the table again.

“I told you not to call me that.” Jim shouts back.

“Wow, guys just stop. We’ve had a nice night now we’re at each other’s necks.” Ori says to cease the fighting.

Everything goes silent amount the friends and Jones looks at the bill throwing it back down. Jim then takes it and carefully eyes each meal.

“Well, I had a glass of wine, Jones and Kate you’ve drank a bottle and a half with Lyn having some of that as well and Ori you had a glass as well. Also, my meal was the cheapest, so that leaves….” Jim counts the money in his wallet and throws it on the table, “There we go, my cut.”

“Well that’s not equal is it?” Jones argues back.

“Even I said I’d pay if we split it even but not like this.” Lyn uttered back.

“Look we can just pay however each works.” Ori tried to offer support again.

“Well I’m fine with doing what Ori said, makes sense.” Kate says back again.

“No, no no. I’m not giving in. We agreed we’d all cut it….” Jones begins to say.

“Erm no. You kicked off right away about splitting and refused to pay.” Jim says back.

Kate sits shaking her head in disagreement. Ori now holds the bill in hand.

“Right I’ve had enough. Lyn you pay however, Jim you’ve put out yours. I’ll just pay for Kate and Jones.” Ori starts getting it cards from his wallets trying to decide which one.

Jones smiles, “Ori if you insist my dear friend.”

Kate puts a hand on Ori’s as he holds the bill. “No Ori, I’ll pay for me and Jones, then everyone else split however.” The pair smile at each other in agreement.

Jim laughs and smiles. “Yous two are pathetic aren’t you.”

“What?” Ori says shocked and confused at his vague comment.

Lyn laughs, “Look Jim, they’re letting us pay however we want so leave it.”

Jones starts to look confused at Jim. “Jimmy boy stop losing it. You got what you want with your snivelling little change you’ve thrown out. This place is fine dinning and you bring pennies. Pathetic!”

“Everytime I tell you not to call me that. Everytime. You know what Jones. You sit there thinking you’ve got the best life, the best women, all the money, I mean you didn’t pay last time but a few times before that when you got your big bonus I remember you doing and showing off, but that was you being selfish and rubbing it in everyone’s face.” Jim starts to rant.

Ori throws out a card, “Jim forget it, I’ll pay yours too mate.”

Jim shakes his head.

“Anyone going to pay mine at all?” Lyn utters as if left out the conversation.

“Put your card away Ori. And Jones, just keep sitting their laughing away when right under your nose, your best mate Ori and your girl of 4 years have been cheating behind your back all this time.” Jim sits back with a smirk on his face.

Kate and Ori both look at each other, shocked.

Jones pauses, not knowing what to say and sits back, slamming his hands on the table in the process. “Well old friend Ori, I do insistthen that you pay the meal.”


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