Elaborate Drinking Plans From Bar To Bar (Banana Pancakes Pt 10)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy stumbles out into the night streets with just the moon light glow beaming down and the flickering green neon sign above which said ‘Retro.’

He was drunk, swaying side to side as he inches forward trying to stabilise himself into a fluid walk again and act like nothing was wrong.

As he wandered the streets of New York, at what must have been just after midnight, few people still stumbled about the streets almost in the same movements as he did.

He’d continued his journey through the city, in midtown trailing bar to bar, each with a different name and neon sign in yet another different colour.

After a journey of an hour, going through six bars already, he reaches a staircase leading downwards in the concrete and yet another neon sign above. Curious and the thought of not having a drink for 5-minutes got Troy’s attention to travel down into the bar.

Once there, loud thumping music scattered the dance floor which he quickly shifted past and towards he dark red bar at the back. Grabbing a stool he slumps his body on to it in a fashion you could clearly see was “hey I’m a drunk guy.”

His phone buzzes rapidly and he pulls it from his pocket, looking at the bright screen he sees Claire’s name and picture flash again and again until it goes off.

His strange daze takes no notice then he sees notification after notification from Claire and Kyle but swipes and they all disappear.

“Something important there?” The woman behind the bar said, standing with a glass in hand cleaning it.

Troy didn’t quite grasp what was going on, still dazed by the phone then clicked into action, “Nah, no, it’s fine. Just nothing.” He says back shaking the phone as an expression.

She leans over to him on the bar, “So what can I get you? You look like a Jack n Coke guy? Yeah?”

He smiled, nodding his head. The bar woman put a hand below the bar and grabbed a small glass, turning at the same time she grabs the Jack Daniels and coke on tap spraying into the glass and spinning it to Troy.

“You look like you need that.” She says with a smile. “So, by yourself, not a usual night out. Seems like you’re down? Am I right.”

He stares at the glass for a moment, “Something like that.”

“Yeah thought so, seen enough types like that before. Anyway, on the house.” She said back.

He smiled acknowledging her generosity, “Appreciate it.” Raising his glass at the same time.

“That’s the last one though, I can tell you’ve had enough. Water the rest of the night.”

Swigging back the drink he had, he nodded “Yeah trust me I’m done for the night.”

“So what was the elaborate plan then, what’s got you doing this?” She said curiously at what’s going on.

Hesitant as to tell her, Troy swivelled the glass in front, “I don’t know. I mean no plan, just drinking.” His words slurred slightly but he still had some form of speech.

“Having a tough time? That it.” She said back.

“Something like that. Breakup got me here, rough, really rough.” He said honestly.

She nodded, taking away his glass and replacing it with another glass of water, “Yeah know how that feels. It’ll pass, I mean I’m not going to lie, it’ll take time but it’ll pass alright.”

He swivelled his bar stool around to see the dance floor and all the stumbling drunk people.

“You just need to get back out there and find someone else.” She said.

“Nah not like her. She was perfect, everything. The way she’d take her camera around everywhere taking snaps of me. The way she always used to do this thing with her nose when she was angry…” Troy went on till he was cut off.

“Look I don’t know what happened or went on, but I’ve seen this, it’s not good you have to just move on, look for someone else and heck, just one night stand it to take your mind off of things.” She said winking at him at the same time.

Troy’s mind trailed off again thinking of Jess and all the unique things she used to do that would make him happy and he let out s small smile.


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