First Date (Banana Pancakes Pt 11)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Inside a Spanish restaurant, lit with an orange glow and music that made you want to get up and dance, Troy sits sliding a menu up and down at the table he sat.

In walks Jess, her glistening smile and pleasing aura that Troy caught from afar. He waves her over, ushering her to the seat and the pair embrace with a hug.

“So sorry. Traffic was…” Jess started but Troy finished, “Mad? Thought so, it’s New York it’s always mad.”

Jess laughed and Troy pulled out the chair, allowing her to sit.

“This place is nice. Never been, how did you find it?” Jess asked.

“Amazingly I stumbled across it one day. You see, I like to wander the city for my writing, it helps sometimes.” Troy answered.

“Like a new location sort of thing, inspiration that’s what it is.” She smiled back at Troy, “I do the same with my photography, new places all the time just to feel something different.”

“Well, maybe if date numero uno works out, the second can be heading round the city.” Troy said with a smile looking up from his menu. “Maybe get some inspiration together.”

She smiled again, laughing at his ideas, “Hey, get past uno and we may have a second.”


Almost empty plates rest on the table as the pair continue chatting. Jess eyes the last few fries on his plate and smiled.

“You want those.” Troy says pointing down at the fries.

“A true gentlemen, I like it.” She goes to reach for them but Troy grabs them quicker, almost placing in his mouth but laughing and moving them to Jess’ mouth instead.

“This food was great, nice spot. I’ll remember it.” She says to Troy.

“So how long have you known Claire then?” Troy asks Jess.

“Erm more like how long have you known Claire?” Jess replied back in curiosity.

Troy laughed, “Wow, a while. My best friend Kyle got together with her and we’ve been good friends since I guess.”

“Well she certainly has talked about you a lot, since the day I met her actually. A year, year and a half maybe?” Jess said back.

Troy drinks some of his wine, squirming st the taste. “Much more of a Jack n Coke kind of guy.”

“I like your style Troy.” She swirls the wine in the glass, “So, a game I like to play on first dates. Where do you see yourself in 5 years….”

Troy is about to answer until Jess cuts him off, “And do you see me being in that future?”

He paused, looking down at his glass then back up at Jess. Thoughts spin round his head, he rarely thought of what’s to come and more the moment instead.

“Hmm, good question.”

“You mean great question, come on then what’s your answers.”

“Right, well it’s notable I think that in 5 years I’d like to, man I don’t know that’s tough. Continue writing, I guess. I mean it doesn’t get much better than New York.” He says back.

“What about part two of the question then?” She says with a smirk.

“I imagine us living in some cool hipster styled apartment looking out across the city with a huge roof terrace we can go to anytime we like.”

She smiles and leans forward, “I’m liking this so far.”

“Also traveling around to the unknowns of New York, you with a camera, me with a notepad as we make stories to tell.” Troy also leans forward.

She smiled as the two sit face to face close, “I can picture that now.”

Troy goes in for a kiss but Jess stops him with a finger on the lips, “Not yet.”

She grabs a napkin and kisses it, moving it across the table and to Troy, “There you go. So I’m 5 years time, of we’re together you can think about how we almost kissed on that first date.”

Troy laughs and takes the napkin, looking at it then Jess smiling.


Troy lies on his bed, passed out with a bottle of Jack Daniels on the floor empty and holding on to the napkin with a kiss on it as he thought back to that moment and the world froze as if t were the two of them and no one else.


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