Morning After The Night Before (Banana Pancakes Pt 12)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy lay face down on his bedroom floor, clothes still on and creased. A bottle of vodka lay next to him and drool exited his mouth into the wood flooring. Pieces of glass were scattered in the corner of the room with a smashed framed photo lying face down.

An alarm went off above him on the bedside table but he chose to ignore it, as if he was in a comatosed state of absence. He managed to tune it out, however not long after a knock on the door woke him suddenly as his eyes creaked open.

Trying to ignore this new noise, it grew loader, turning from a knock into a banging sound instead.

“Troy wake up right now!” Exclaimed a voice from outside.

It sounded female like, probably Claire but all Troy wanted to do was sleep it through.

More banging came about, “Right now Troy. Seriously get up. Kitchen in 5!”

He’d only heard Claire like this on a few occasions, once when he and Kyle went off drinking at a wedding and left her to chat to strangers, another time was pretty blank for Troy but it involved some form of drinking. Another occasion was when he’d messed stuff up with Jess pretty badly, but that stories for another time.

Troy stumbled up, rubbed his face and the slight crack that formed between his curtains shone a bright light which he quickly ended by shutting them. He leaned against his cupboard for a brief moment, the faint noise of New York traffic outside forming too much noise for him, but he rubbed his forehead to try and stop the pain.

The alarm continued, as if having a tantrum of its own, to ring but he hit one of the top buttons to shut it off. What could he remember of last night, he tried to wrack his brain but nothing. He did have faint images of a young woman, maybe brunette or blond hair but it ended there. All else he saw where plenty of drinks and some bad dancing.

“How much did I drink last night?” Troy asked himself.

He could smell a faint oder coming from outside, something smelled good. He exited the room, pulling his door forward with a heavy hand as clothes piled and blocked the door from opening the whole way.

Into the hallway, he wandered forward, suddenly rushing into the next room on the left, the bathroom. Hitting the floor to his knees and somehow managing to lift the toilet lid at the same time, he was sick into the bowl. Even he was surprised at his sudden reflexes.

As he stood, his eyes crossed the mirror in front of him. He stopped and stared at the image before him, a ruined body, possibly could be stricken off as a corpse he looked that bad. Stubble began to grow across his chin, his eyes bloodshot and red with huge lines under his eyelids. Twisting the tap he dabbed his face with cold water then exited the bathroom and headed back down the hallway.

Entering the main room, the kitchen and living area, the smell grew stronger. A table setting was laid out with a knife and fork, plus a mug and a huge jug of coffee. Claire stood with a heated pan, flicking what looked like pancakes in the air.

“Take a seat you.” Claire said with a calming smile across her face.

Troy just did as he was told and pulled out the chair, sitting down.

“Smells good.” Troy said back.

Claire brought over a plate, “It’s your favourite.”

On the plate sat 6 pancakes stacked on top of each other with chunks of bananas sprinkled all over. Claire was right, it was Troy’s favourite.

“You’re right, hangover pancakes. These are my favourite.” Troy said in a croaky voice.

Claire passed maple syrup over to Troy, “Erm, no, banana pancakes.”

Troy often called them hangover pancakes because Claire often made them after he’d had a heavy night, but despite that, he hadn’t had as heavy a night like this before.

With the fork and knife, Troy started cutting straight into the pancakes, taking big mouthfuls into his mouth and spreading syrup all over.

Claire’s face went concerned, “Troy we need to talk.”

He listened but continued to pile mouthfuls of pancake in, however he did give a gestured nod to Claire.

“Last night was too much, this is all too much.” Claire took a deep breath. “I’m worried, we’re worried me and Kyle, I know we’ve had some things going on recently, but we’re trying to help you and be there for you but, you’re making it really difficult.” 

Troy put down his knife and fork, somehow managing to finish off the pancakes in all of a moment.

“You and Jess, I get it, I don’t know what I’d do if it were me and Kyle, but these things happen. People move on, you need to move on.”

“It’s easier said than done, ad how, how can I move on when I’m constantly reminded of what happened. All of it.” Troy replied back.

Claire put her hand on Troy’s but he quickly pulled it back. “It’s been three months, three months since you split with Jess.”

“No, when she left me.” Troy said back.

“Besides the point, like I said, three months and you’re still out drinking constantly, when you are home you’re sat in that room moping, don’t you think I don’t know you just flick through pictures all the time. I know. Heck, even when I cut the internet last month you freaked out.” Claire continued.

Troy’s seat pushed back with a screech.

“You don’t get it do you. I’m alone, she left me after three years, so you know, yeah three months in, maybe it’ll take six months, a year or maybe three to get over it. Maybe I won’t ever be able to…” Troy pushed back with the conversation.

“I’m not lecturing you Troy, it’s just last night was too much. You went way over the line and I can’t see you go through that again, ever. Do you even remember anything? You were horrible to me, like really horrible, I couldn’t take it. I love you, you’re one of my closest friends, so please, please let us help you.” Claire said as a few tears began to trickle down her face.

Troy was now stood, he rubbed his head again with the thought of what happened, he still didn’t know and just pictured a blurred woman with that brunette hair, or so he thought.

“Sorry Claire. I don’t know what happened last night. The drinking, don’t you think I know I need to stop, it’s, it’s just the only way to make all this pain go away.” Troy took a pause and a deep breath. “I mean, I was still drunk when I went to work the other day and, and I just don’t know what to do.”

Claire stood up as well, walked over to Troy and hugged him, “Look, I’m here, Kyle’s here, you have people. You’re not the only one she left, she was my best friend and she left me too. I can’t see you like this, I won’t. Whatever you need, we’re here.” 

Troy stood with his arms to the side at first as Claire squeezed him, he then raised his arms and hugged her back.

“I’m sorry for how I’ve been. I didn’t, I didn’t realise I was effecting everyone. Things will change.” 

The pair embraced for a moment longer then Claire smiled as Troy thought about what to do next.


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