A Sight Away (Banana Pancakes Pt 13)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy is walking through Manhattan after getting s cup of coffee as the sun shines in the morning.

His face looks worn and exhausted, but he slowly walks across the sidewalk listening to Childish Gambino passing numerous people as he does.

Coming across a bench he pauses and takes a seat as to take in the amber glow from the sun.

“What am I doing.” He says to himself.

Troy thinks to himself all he’s been doing over the past few months and reflects on his drinking and behaviour.

Taking a sip from his coffee cup, he looks across the road to see a young woman walking quickly to the end of the sidewalk and awaiting at the lights.

He stares, observing from a far, trying to look closer as his curiosity grows more and more. His inner feeling felt like he knew and recognised he person despite he distance and faint outline of their head and body.

They crossed the road, seeing the green man waving them through the traffic. The honk of a New York taxi and the ring of a bike bell as she manoeuvres over.

Getting to his side of the road, he notices that blonde hair, tied up. An elegant woman, wandering through the other individuals who Troy pictured with blurred face for the moment as he focused on one key thing, her.

She’s inching closer and closer to him, hen he spots it, the camera wrapped around her shoulder, a strap he’d seen before in its weaved multi colourful ribbons and thread.

Now motionless, the world passing him by and seeing this one single woman. He felt his heart skip a beat, his breath escape his body but not when you see that person you think is the one, or that possible love interest. No, it skipped as he thought the woman was Jess.

Taking a breath finally, she abruptly passes him as everyone goes at their normal pace. He shakes it off, realising it was never Jess, only someone who looked similar.

He brings his head further to his knees, lurching over as if having a strong think but really, he was just imagining being away from all that was around him.

“What am I doing.” He says to himself again.

He takes a deep breath, leans back and takes a sip of coffee before the next song starts playing, ‘Letter Home’ by Childish Gambino.

He lets out the deep breath, ready for the new day.


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