Starting Over (Banana Pancakes Pt 15)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

In a long corridor of an apartment building, lights beam down the orange glow. Troy drags his feet across the floor, dripping with water in only a t-shirt and dragging his jacket across he ground.

The bubble of his world had been popped.

He wanders past numerous doors, all numbered one by one. Finally coming to 73, he twists his body in a strange notion as if lifeless. Lifting his jacket he tries to find his keys but isn’t able to. He pays his back pockets and only finds a torn in half photo and puts it back.

He knocks, twice on the door with a small wrap. You can hear the unlock of the door and and it opens.

Claire stands in the doorway wearing a night gown looking puzzled, “Jesus Troy what are you. You’re soaking.”

She opens the door more and waiving him in, “Where are your keys? Come in get in.”

Troy walks in and Claire closes the door behind him. He drops his jacket in the apartment, walks a few steps further and collapses with his back to the wall.

Claire snaps round to see what’s going on, “Troy god. Are you alright. Wait, you’ve been drinking?”

“It’s over.” Troy says back to Claire.

“Hmm, what do you mean. What’s over?” Claire says back to Troy.

His head dropped into his hands and a muffling sound happens.

“You’re sort of freaking me out now. What’s going on?” Claire says panic in her voice.

He lifts his head and looks at her in the eyes, “She’s gone. Jess. It’s over.”

Claire slumps to the ground on the hallway floor, back to the wall like Troy curled next to him with an arm over his shoulder. The pair sit in silence for a moment as she takes it in and whimpers start to come from him. He knew she was the best person to come to, a mentor in life and best friend.

“Troy. I’m sorry. I really am. It’s going to be alright.” Claire says trying to comfort Heinz

Through tears Troy replies, “I can’t do this. I can’t. She’s gone. That’s it.”

Claire kisses him on the head. “Look. You can work it out, I’m sure. I know you’d have had some ups and downs but, so do me and Kyle and….”

“No.” Troy cuts Claire off short, “This is really it. She’s, she isn’t coming back.”

The pair sit in silence again taking in the moment of comfort.

“I’m sorry Troy. I really am, I know how much you loved her.” Claire says.

“Shame it isn’t felt back.” Troy replied. “I feel like my souls been taken, my very essence of who I am.”

Claire feels his clothes and dries her now wet hands on her gown, “Come on, let’s get you dry at least.”

He shakes his head, “I just need a moment.”

The pair sit again in silence, Claire holding him and Troy resting his head on her shoulder. Claire let’s out a single tear as well.

“It’s like my lights burned out and I’m done. We had everything, were everything.” Troy said.

“It’ll take time. It really will, but you have me. You have Kyle. We’ll do anything we can.” She says.

She rubs a away the tears in her eyes as to show support to Troy.

“Can I stay here? Just for a little while.” Troy asks.

Claire nods her head and smiles, “Anything you need, we’re here. Day and night. Stay as long as you want.”

She hugs him again, “I can’t believe it’s all over.” Troy says.

Claire doesn’t know what to say to him.

“It’s like restarting my entire life again. All of it.” Troy says back again.

The pair embrace for a little longer in the silence as the rain beats off the windows in the apartment more.

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