First Day Of A New Life (Banana Pancakes Pt 16)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

To read the before of this part check here.

The following morning after Troy and Jess broke up and ended their relationship, Troy was sprawled out on the sofa of Claire and Kyles front room of their apartment.

The rain had finally ended and all that was left was the odd drip here and there at the window edges outside. The sun now beamed through the windows, glistening with the puddles outside.

The fresh smell of breakfast is what awoke Troy as he suddenly rised from his slumber.

“Morning you. Good sleep?” Claire said as she walked over flaunting a mug of coffee.

She handed it to Troy, turned and went back to the open kitchen to finish the breakfast she was making, “You could have just slept in the spare room you know, don’t know why you always go straight to that sofa.”

Troy sat up straight staring out the window of the apartment. He could smell his favourite breakfast food, however at the same time he had a major headache which thumped the front of his head.

Ribbons his head, “I feel rough.” he said as he looked at the beer bottles on the floor.

Leaning down he picks up one, an empty vodka bottle and stares at it, “Yeah bet you do. You got messy last night. Think you raided every drop we have in this place.” Claire said.

Troy lifted his head, eyes weak and red from drinking, “Really sorry.”

With a smile Claire replied, “It’s alright. Probably needed it.” After a pause and a look of concern as Troy went back to looking at the bottle she said, “Anyway, I’ve made your usual hangover cure, my special banana pancakes.”

Claire had made this hangover cure for Troy since the early times of when they first met and ever since he insisted on having them, up until the point Claire would just make them anyway.

Troy stood and wandered to he kitchen table where Claire had just put out the stack of pancakes, drizzled with clumps of banana and a little maple syrup to mix.

He lifted to think pancakes and put them on his plate in front and began eating away at them.

“These are great.” Troy said.

Claire pulled up a chair next to him, “Are we going to talk about last night?” She said, placing a hand on his. Troy pulled his hand away and kept eating.

“Think of it like this, it’s the first day of a whole new life. So, now you have to climb that mountain and shout to the skies you’re free.” Claire said, also enacting the motions as she rises and shakes her arms in the air.

Troy smiles then starts laughing as Claire joins in laughing.

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7 thoughts on “First Day Of A New Life (Banana Pancakes Pt 16)

  1. I get the feeling I read this one before, I think I’m having trouble figuring out which part of the story I should read next. Ever since you changed your site following that incident with WordPress, I’ve found it rather difficult to follow the banana pancakes story, which frustrates me just a little bit, or maybe I’m the one with the problem, I don’t know. It seems like every time I get a new notification of a new post by you, I’m sometimes disappointed to find it’s a piece I read before. I just don’t remember where I left off before the change of site. If this one’s before Troy met Avery, then I did already read this. Forgive me if I’m being a pain, I just want to be able to follow your very wonderful stories without confusion.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Honestly don’t worry about it. Basically when I had to start over, I thought I’d do the same with Banana Pancakes and basically began again. Same stories, some of which are in a different order so we’re just taking a little longer to get to Avery (we’re close don’t worry.) I thought it’d be best to start again with new people coming to the site, also it lets me have a fresh (less rushed) mind on it as I’ve now planned out titles for every week across the year so I know where the stories going and what’ll happen next. I felt the story was going too fast forward and we were only 3 months in. Sorry for the confusion!


      1. Just checked the old site and the last one I posted was First Dates (Ep 13) As of next week I’ve caught up with what week of the year it is and I’m planning on First Dates to be on week 21 (2 weeks) Keep reliving the moments for now, but I feel the stories a bit more fleshed out as well with some of the highs I’ve changed


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