Just Hold On (Banana Pancakes Pt 17)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story

In an Italian restaurant, an amber glow among the lights, waiters and waitresses battling with the busy table service running from one end to the other and as if in sync moving in a fluid motion around each other.

Troy is sat moving pasta around his bowl, looking at it with a strong curiosity. In front of him sits Claire and Kyle, both taking food from one another’s plate.

“This food is so nice.” Kyle said with a mouthful.

Claire laughed, “Which one, mine or yours? Dancing trying some of Troy’s while your at it?”

Troy didn’t react to what they said and sat back in his chair, grabbing his wine in the process and taking a sip.

“What’s wrong man? You’re barely eating, I will take that from you if you don’t.” Kyle said laughing.

“I can’t keep doing this. Eating with you’d two, me being alone.” Troy sadly said back after a brief hesitation.

Claire had a mouthful and slightly choked on her food, Kyle cut in “Stop being so down will you.”

Kyle got a sharp dig in his side and made a slight sound. “Ignore him. Come on it’s nice, the three of us together.”

“Yeah playing happy couple.” Troy allowed for a brief pause for a moment “Notice I didn’t say couples.”

“Yeah kind of got that.” Claire replied back.

With his mouthful again and now sliding his fork over to Troy’s bowl of pasta “so, what have you been doing about it?”

Claire turned her head surprised at hearing those supportive words from Kyle.

“I mean, have you tried to ask someone out for a date or what? Any numbers, it has been a few months now since the incident.” Kyle continued.

Claire thought it was too good as Kyle let out the phrase he referred to the breakup every-time which she hated, “What have I said about calling it the incident. Just stop.”

Troy picks his fork back up and battled Kyle for removing pasta from his bowl trying to stop the fork from doing another run through.

“I don’t know. It was so much easier back then with Jess. How we met, how it all happened. I don’t know how to do any of that anymore.” Troy said.

“Dude your only in your 20’s stop sounding like an old man. It’s easy.”Kyle said.

Claire’s head snapped to Kyle as the pair looked eyes, “Oh is it now. That easy? How would you know.” Claire angrily said back.

“Well I don’t but, I’m sure if I was single I could.” Kyle said back.

“Interesting theory I say we test that out one night in a club?” Claire let off with the anger and laughed just so she could show Kyle up.

The waiter came over offering more wine, Troy waived a hand to establish a firm no from him considering he barely touched it and hated wine. Claire on the other hand moved her empty glass to the waiter offering more.

Taking a sip of her newly glasses wine, “What about that girl from the bar? What was her name again?” Claire said turning to Kyle for support.

Kyle looked confused, “I had too much to drink that night so don’t remember a thing.”

“Oh god what was her name again. Began with an ‘A’ good length skirt girl.” Claire said as she waived her hands around.

“So that you remember. It was Avery.” Troy said back again with laughter.

“Nope still don’t remember.” Kyle said as he took Troy’s food from him now placing the bowl in front of himself.

“Yeah her. She seemed nice. Plus you both really hit it off.” Claire said.

Troy shook his head, “Nah, don’t think it’ll work out.”

After a brief silence and Claire staring at Troy she clicked her fingers also letting out a strange noise as if she’d came to a conclusion, “Because you slept with her didn’t you.” As if trying to provoke him to tell the truth.

“Wait no, that’s not what I meant.” Troy blurted out now embarrassed.

“So What is it then. Why will it somehow not work out?” Claire said back.

“Because I think I lost her number. That’s why.” Troy said ashamed. “And look at me, I’m a mess, I’m struggling with my life in general.”

Claire shook her head and pulled out her phone. Cycling through the phone, she then stopped, sliding it over to Troy. “Guess what, I have it.”

Troy sat confused, not quite able to grasp how Claire had the number of Avery. “Wait, but. Nah, I’m majorly confused now.”

Claire had a big smile, “Well me and her got chatting through that night and I got her number, just couldn’t remember what her name is.”

“Please tell me you don’t take down every girls number when we go out!” Kyle said.

“Well I don’t care, I cant give her a call. A date, whatever. Not when I’m like this.” Troy said scared by the thought of a possible date.

“Text her, that’d be the best.” Claire said still smiling.

Troy hesitated, then he took the number off Claire, saved it into his phone and placed it on the table. “Maybe when I have a day where I’m not feeling rough.” Troy said looking out of the restaurant if he window in hope of some new life.

Claire touched Troy’s hand, “She’s out there Troy. The girl of your dream. Maybe you won’t meet her today, or tomorrow, or even next month, but one day, she’ll be there. You’ve just got to hold on.”


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