I’m Not Here Anymore

Feeling another bounce on the bus at the back, I jumped out my seat to land exactly where I was again. Nobody noticed at the time of course, because they didn’t.

As we pulled into school, the bus leaned slightly to the right, tipping in the air as everyone arose from their seats and shuffled off. I waited till they were nearly all off before I moved so they didn’t notice me bumps and bash into them.

Trailing out the bus I gave the bus driver a nod to find he was too busy starring at the latest newspaper instead, typical, he doesn’t even notice me.

Like a swarm of people, all populating each corner of the outside space we all moved through the large doorways of the school.

Standing before my locker, twisting the combination back and fourth to unlock, a big jock guy walked right into me as if he’d hit a wall and then moved confused at what had happened. As this happened I fell face first into my locker door with no thought as to what had happened, typical mornings.

I always sat at the back of class, they’d never notice me there anyway. Even the teacher who dished out the assignments for the week managed to just forget about me, skipping my desk and moving swiftly past.

I always held my grandmothers necklace, as if it were a magical talisman which allows everyone to see me for a brief second, just a glimmer of me actually sitting there but it never works. It was faulty, just like me.

When the end of the day rolled by and I sat at home, even my mother, the one who brought me into this world sat ignoring my existence as if I’d passed away in recent years and I was just a distant memory.

I wasn’t any form or rebel like the rest of the teens.

I was invisible to everyone in the world.


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