The Best Day We Had (Banana Pancakes Pt 18)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story

Troy wakes up in the middle of the night, sleepy and disorientated but he can’t actually get to sleep. He moves to the bedroom door, shuffling in the dark as he does it and leaves into the hallway and down into the kitchen living room area of the apartment.

When there he goes straight to the fridge, opening the door and being hit by the bright light.

“Nothing there dude. All gone.” Troy heard a voice from the dark.

He looked over the fridge, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed the faint figure of Kyle lying on the sofa.

“If it’s beer I mean, nothing there I’m afraid.” Kyle said.

Troy went to sit on the sofa next to him, slumping into the chair.

“Can’t sleep either?” Troy said.

“No I was asleep, Claire, sort of kick. You know what, doesn’t matter. What’s going on with you.” Kyle said.

Troy sighed, “It’s hard, wanting a drink, no drink. She took everything out my room.”

“Yeah now nothing in the fridge. She’s thrown all of it out.” Kyle said.

The pair sat in silence, in the darkness and let the city noises outside wash over them.

“Tell you what. Think of the best memory, the greatest moment you had with Jess.” Kyle said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. The whole point is to forget her.” 

“No.” Kyle said. “To really get over Jess, you have to first get over the memories.”

The thought of this made Troy think. He wanted a drink badly and was struggling with his emotions but he thought maybe, just maybe Kyle was making some sense.

“So the best memory began.”


In a forest the tress stood tall as the sun tried to glisten in through the cracks in the branches. The colours blended from the greens to browns to oranges in a warm mixture in the summer glow.

Troy and Jess hiked through the woods, wandering through the thicket of tree trunks with only the whisper of birds and the snapping of twigs under their feet.

“Please tell me we’re nearly there.” Jess sighed, “I mean my feet are killing, my legs are dead and…”

Troy cut her off, “We’re nearly there, don’t worry.”

Troy heard another sigh from Jess.

“Trust me you’ll love this place when you see it, just over that ridge.” He said.

The pair walked for a further 15-minutes and the sound of clattering grew from a quiet whisper to a louder noise. They had reached where they needed to be over the ridge.

“And we are finally here.” Troy said standing on top of the ridge opening his arms.

Jess walked over the ridge next to Troy seeing a whole wonderland of nature. The loud noise was a powerful waterfall which streamed over the cliff in front as the orange ball in the sky bounced it’s rays from the water giving it a shimmer.

The waterfall led into a large pool of water so Troy started taking off his clothes, shirt first, shoes next followed by trousers.


“Wait you’s went skinny dipping.” Kyle said acting surprised.

Troy just shook his head, “No we didn’t let me finish.”


Troy started running into the water shouting “Come on already.”

Jess followed, stripping down to her underwear and running after Troy as he dove into the water followed shortly by Jess.

The pair ran around the water, swimming and splashing each other, they then stopped, holding each other in their arms, smiling and kissing.

“Troy this is perfect, you, you are perfect.” Jess says holding on to him. “How did you even find this place.”

Troy laugher, “I know a guy.”


“That was your line, I know a guy. Seriously, how did you find that place?” Kyle said, curiously.

Troy shrugged his shoulders, “I know a guy, what can I say.”


Jess kissed Troy, “I love you so much. We’re going to be together forever, this really is perfect.”

Troy smiled, looking out at the pool of water as it rippled and the sun beat down overhead. He thought to himself, they’ll be together forever.


The pair sit in silence again, thinking on Troy’s happiest moment with Jess.

“That was the moment I thought, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this woman.” Troy said to Kyle, slowly slumping into the sofa more.

Kyle sat nodding his head, “You know, you’re right. That probably was the best day you ever had, she was someone you thought you’d be with for the rest of your life, but sometimes, just sometimes the world throws us a curve ball and you have to get up to the mark, raise that bat and hit it out of the park.”

Troy looked confused by all the metaphors Kyle was throwing at him.

“What I’m trying to say is, there’s someone out there for you. She’s in the world somewhere and…”

Troy cut Kyle off, “I get it, she’s out there somewhere and I’ve just got to sort myself out then tackle the world.”

Kyle nodded his head agreeing.

“I needed this, it felt good to get that out and think about the good times, you know instead of what happened, I keep going back to that final night.” Troy said, “But what’s going on with you and Claire, can I help at all?”

Kyle sat silent for a moment then slapped Troy on his knee, “You know what. That’s a story for a different night of drink searching.”

Troy stood up and looked out the window onto the city streets of New York. He thought to himself, she is out there somewhere.


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