Bar Dwelling Man

Inside a New York Irish Bar sits a man alone on a small stool as he teaters off the edge, slipping and struggling to stay on. The bar is littered with green everywhere from the lights to clovers being dotted about. Screams could be filled and bellowing as a British football game plays in the background on a small TV.

Next to the lonely man sits an empty stool, until someone sits beside him, straddling the chair as if it wasn’t his first rodeo.  As soon as he sits down, the lonely man beside him, not exactly lonely anymore, twists the core of his body to the right as if to not be acknowledged by him.

The bartender slides a bottle of beer to the new comer then taps his index finger twice in front of the lonely man, now who has his head down. He raises a hand and waives him away, raising his current beer in acknowledgement.

The new comer slides his chair slightly closer, “Hello there friend. How goes about your day?”

The lonely man, now clearly with a friend, turned again ever so slightly to give a hint of not wanting to talk.

“Ah, we have a shy away.” The new comer gets up off his stool, beer in hand and moves around to the other mans side and grabs the stool there, again drawing it in closer to him. “Come one. Everyone needs a friends now.”

The lonely man let out a sigh and raised his head, now staring at his beer bottle and trying to pull the label off. “I’d like to just sit here, with my beer and alone if you don’t mind.”

The new comer lifts his head and nods, “Ah, right I see. I get your friend. Well, I’ll just sit here, minding my own business.”

The two sit in silence for a moment, taking a swig of their beer almost at the same time and in sync.

Another moment longer in silence then the new comer pipes up again, “So, weather we’ve been having. Crazy isn’t it.” He swigs his beer again, “They keep saying it’s all this global warming.”

The lonely man listens to the mumblings of the new comer for a moment longer as he explains global warming, reciting what he’s heard a science official ream off on some documentary, or even the news, then can’t take anymore. “None of it’s true you know. None of it.” 

The new comer looks at him puzzled and confused, “What do you mean?”

The lonely man just shrugs, “Like I said, it’s not true. None of it is, it’s all made up.”

Continuing his screwed up face, looking confused and not quite understanding what the lonely man means, the new comer starts spluttering out words, “No, no. Wait, what, wait, no. I’m confused. No, wait, you can’t just say that and not explain.”

Another sigh escapes the lonely mans mouth, then screams are heard from the numerous other men in the bar. “It’s god. It’s all god, none of this global warm thing exists.”

The new comer shakes his beer as the last remains knock about the bottle, then he raises it and downs it all. He waives a finger to the bartender for another drink then twists his stool to the other man, “So, right, let me get this straight. You’re telling me that it’s all god. Global warming is all the big man in the sky?”

“Well, he’s the creator of the world, he’s the one who decides everything in this world. Don’t you believe in him?” The man says back in reply.

The crowd screams again, “Right. No, sorry friend, I’m no believer. I mean, fact of the matter is, he doesn’t exist.” The new comer continues to shake his head repeatedly, “Nope, not at all I’m afraid.”

The bartender brings over another beer for the newcomer which he takes and raises in the air as a thank you to him. The lonely man shakes his head, “Not a believer. That’s a shame, considering he made you, me, these people, this bar, that beer you take for granted.”

The new comer looks puzzled again, “So, take this right. Why do people get cancer, like you know, good folk, people who don’t deserve it, kids, little kids with cancer?”

The man smiles, “Well, it’s of course so they can get to heaven as god wants his children to come back to him.”

Raising the beer to his mouth, but stopping mid-way, the new comer turns round saying, “Weird. Don’t think god would really do that to be honest.” 

Both men sit in silence, skewed from their beliefs as they both stand separate and don’t see reasoning. Another cheer erupts in the background then a smashed glass is heard at the same time.

“So, if you believe in god, then why the hell are you sitting in a dark scummy Irish bar, sipping alcohol on a Sunday night?” The newcomer says in curiosity.

The lonely man repsonds with a smile, “Well that’s simple, it’s because god has asked me to.”

Another smashed glass is heard in the distance again and an older man passes by slurring his words, knocking both men sat. The newcomer shakes it off, ignoring it, however the lonely man turns his head and stares, shaking it at the same time in disappointment. “I’ve been asked to view his children, in their highest desires.”

The new comer struggles to understand quite what is going on, “You my friend are a very bizarre man. Anyway, it’s been, well, interesting, I’m off.”

He stands up, but the lonely man places his beer back on the bar and waves him a goodbye, “It has been a pleasure James, have a safe night.” He then turns back to the bar, slumping his head back down.

Now standing, looking around the room and back to the lonely man, now who is again lonely, he stares at him as he has his head down, “I never even told him my name.”


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