Curiosity Of The Moon

Resting my head on the pillow. The digital clock before me, glowing through the night in it’s retro orange digits, slowly ticking forward a minute at a time as I lie awake restless.

Turning n my other side, I can see the moon. It’s giant glow illuminating the window and oozing through to my room.

I can’t sleep.

The choice between the digital clock and the moon from either side, I always choose to roll over and view the moon. The third option, the ceiling, is a blank canvas needing some form of imagination dripped upon it.

The moon rested in the night sky, a few stars blinking in the distance around it with the odd bit of rock floating in it’s vicinity.

Every night I saw it stand there, floating in it’s segment. In a split half, magically situated in the night sky as the other half revolved in rocks close by.

What could have caused it, I’d never know because the adults never talked about it. In fact, they acted like nothing was the matter and that at it’s core, well the actual core of the moon was still there.

The reason I could never sleep, never go off into a deep slumber and a wild dream was because I always was thinking about the moon. How it looked whole and how it happened. It made me stir inside and didn’t sit right with me.

When I finally got to sleep, my dreams would be filled with the thoughts of the object. The rocks would float together and like puzzle pieces find each other into place to form the full moon once again.


15 thoughts on “Curiosity Of The Moon

    1. Really weird how I got to this one. I was judging my own curiosity to the 2002 Time Machine Film where Guy Pierce’s character goes in the future to when there’s half a moon, but as I wrote I took it down that curiosity route with added metaphorical value 😁


  1. Nice read. I think there is a minor typo in the line that read, “Turing on* my other side.” You forgot to add the ‘o’ in ‘on’. Nevertheless nice work.

    I would love to see you over at my blog. It would be nice to hear your thoughts on my work. I look forward to reading your subsequent work. Happy Blogging!


  2. Matthew – one of my very favorites posts from the GDG PYM. Beautiful imagery and this line: The third option, the ceiling, is a blank canvas needing some form of imagination dripped upon it. one of my favorites of the week. — Stephen

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