The Text Message (Banana Pancakes Pt 19)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

Troy walked into the apartment from work into the kitchen to find Claire and Kyle sat at the table having a discussion. It was afternoon, slipping into the evening but the sun began to fade out in the backdrop of New York City.

“Have I walked into something here?” Troy asks.

Claire looks at Troy with a smile, but not a pleasant smile a broken one instead. “No, just talking.”

“About stuff, talking about stuff.” Kyle said back whilst looking at Claire.

Troy didn’t pay any slight attention of the moment or the situation he’d walked into, instead throwing his bag down on the floor, opening the fridge and grabbing a can of coke.

“My god the day I’ve had. We’ve got some new interns in and damn they don’t know the first thing about writing, it’s all blogging and posting your feelings.” Troy said whilst sitting at the table with Claire and Kyle.

Claire just laughed, “That’s what I have to do at my job, blogging, well that and organising everyone’s messes for photo shoots.”

Kyle opened his hands in shock, “Could have grabbed me one Troy.” He then moved to the fridge to also grab a coke.

“Anyway talking about girls.” Claire said.

“Which we weren’t and why do you always jump back to this conversation everyday now.” Troy replied back.

Kyle chipped in as well at the same time, “She just likes sorting other people’s lives out more than her own.” The remark went unnoticed.

“Have you texted her, A, A, Oh.” Claire stumbled her words.

“Avery, and no not yet.”

“Well do it now then. Come on.” She became anxious at him doing the text now.

Troy reluctantly got out his phone and opened up the text screen.


A year earlier Troy is sitting in the bar the group regularly go to with both Kyle and Claire. He has his phone on the table as it keeps buzzing and flashing.

“Answer it, please.” Claire said frustrated.

“Nope, she’s angry at me so if I ignore it.” Troy started saying.

“She’ll eventually leave him alone.” Lyle finished his sentence. “It’s How is men differ from you women.”

Claire’s facial expression was filled with rage from Kyles comment.

“Don’t worry I don’t do it with you.” He was quick to try and cool down the conversation.

The phone buzzed once more and Claire quickly grabbed it as Troy’s slow reflexes were clearly not to tune. “Come on leave it.”

“So let’s have a look, Wow, ok, wow Troy. What did you do?” Claire started saying.

“Literally nothing, it’s blown way out of proportion.” He sighed back to her.

Kyle shuffled closer to Claire and laughed, “No this is not blown out of proportion. You my friend have done some serious damage.”

“And he somehow thinks leaving it is the best option.” Claire continued.

Troy leaned forward to the two of them, “It is, look. All I did was have a few too many drinks….”

“No, no, no. This isn’t a few too many drinks, this is way too many drinks. You started singing careless whisper. Really.” Claire said back again.

Kyle burst into laughter, “I mean it is your go to karaoke song.” He read the rest of the text, “but there wasn’t karaoke?”

Troy lowered his head in shame, “I took the mic from the DJ…”

“The story gets better.” Kyle giggled again and now Claire was also doing the same.

“…and stood on a chair, began to sing Careless Whisper. I proceeded to fall off the chair.” Troy sighed deeply, “Then continued to sing said song.”

“And all of this at Jess’ big photography opening as well. Wow. You idiot.” Claire said disappointed but also laughing.

Kyle continued to laugh at the situation then Claire slid the phone to Troy, “Text her exactly what I say and all this will be alright for you.”

He started replying back as Claire spoke sentences to him.


Troy had the messages opened as he presses send to Avery.

“This better work.” Troy said.

“It will be, trust me. He who is a writer but can’t put together a simple text asking a girl out.” Claire said.

They waited a moment in silence, an awkward silence as the tension brewed between Claire and Kyle with Troy still being bizarrely unaware.

A ping noise seemed to echo through the apartment it was that quiet and Troy got excited. “She texted back, she texted back.”

“And then you tell us what she said.” Kyle said.

“So, She said hey Troy, finally a text from you. Yeah I remember the awkward dancing but damn you had moves.”

Kyle scoffed at the thought on Troy’s dance moves. Claire just wanted to know more, “Great start, but yeah they were awkward, go on.”

“Yeah she also said Italians is good but that’s always what everyone does, remember you refer to me as hipster girl so taking that into account I think Greek, or I know a great Spanish place? 8pm Saturday night good for you?”

“Well it is good for you Troy, I’ve just checked your schedule and Saturday night is freed up.” Claire said.

“Wait we were going out to that new bar on Sat….” Kyle started saying.

“Sorry Kyle love is more important than going to some new bar.” She snapped back.

“There’s more!” Troy blurted our. “She ended with xx.”

Troy smiled at the text message, rereading it again and again.

“Aww this is how love starts.” Claire said.

“Wait stop jumping into the L word so much.” Troy said. “So I have a date on Saturday night.”

Moments later from the apartment window Tory is hanging out of it shouting “I have a date on Saturday night!”


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