Waiting In Line

Dusk started to settle in with the final blaze of sunlight balancing out across the horizon in its amber glow.

A long thin line awaited, trailing off down the street starting at the cinema with large titles above for the latest blockbuster film ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi.’

Three friends, James, Stewart and Christine stood in the line amongst all the other people, some dressed in elaborate costumes and others in their usual attire.

“No absolutely not, Luke isn’t going to die in this. For god sake James it’s ‘Return’ for a reason.” Stewart said.

James looked hesitant, “I didn’t say he was going to, you know what shut up.”

“Do you think this will be it, like the end?” Christine said.

“No way. This franchise will carry on forever, Look I bet you’ll see a new film in a few years time.” Stewart said confidently.

James shook his head, “This’ll be it, trust me. Where can the story go from here?”

“Are you being serious? Anything could happen, we could see a whole world before the Empire came about? How does that sound, or better yet we could see…” Stewart passionately went on.

Christine just stood idly by while the pair went on and on. “Next you’ll be saying we’ll get a Yoda film. All Yoda and nothing else.”

The group fell silent as the chatter could be heard amongst the other groups. Stewart stuck his head out of the line, “We’re so close. Not long.”

Christine put her hand on his shoulder, “Just be patient will you. We’ll be watching it soon.”

“But I can’t wait, I need to see it right now. I can’t wait.” Stewart said starting to get annoyed.

“All this Sci-fi stuff we get now, ever think we’ll get films from comics?” Christine said.

“Shut up Chris don’t talk stupid. Comics, how would they even do that, seriously.” Stewart said back.

“Back off Stewart, I get what you mean. Imagine some DC comics on the big screen, but of Batman maybe?” James said.

“Never happen.” Stewart cut in.

The group fell silent again, not quite sure what to say to each other as again Stewart lowered the tone.

Christine opened her mouth but words didn’t come out as she didn’t want Stewart to shout at her again. James noticed this so uttered, “What do you think we’ll be doing in 20 or 30 years time?”

Christine shrugged her shoulders and Stewart just said, “Rewatching all the Star Wars films again maybe? Actually yeah, all of them.”

“You are obsessed, look the doors are opening now let’s go in.”Christine said. She looked at James and smiled as the two walked side by side into the doorway. “Maybe I’ll find my Han Solo and we’ll settle down in a galaxy far far away?” She said looking at James with a smile.

James smiled back then Stewart led the way into the doorways, “Come on guys patience is over. Let’s get watching.”

Stewart then hummed the theme song as Christine and James laughed behind him.

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