Night Before The Morning After (Banana Pancakes Pt 20)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

(This is a prequel to The Morning After A Night Before part 6 and doesn’t follow directly from part 20.)

Troy swigged his drink back, knocking it to the back of his neck. He stood in a club as load music hit off in every direction, also lights flashing everywhere and people dancing about.

Throwing the glass back down, Troy stumbled off into the crowd of people, he was drunk, confused but stumbled off dancing at the same time. People danced, some with drinks and some without, you see Troy wasn’t much of a dancer, but neither were the crowd so he blended in to the drunkness quite easily.

He spotted one girl, sort of blurred but he didn’t care. He suddenly had the courage to do so, the nerve to strike up not a conversation, instead a chat up line or two and try and get something going.

From what he could make out she was brunette, about his height but heels made her slightly taller by an inch, a long golden sequenced dress rested on her with a triangle cut across the front revealing some skin, which seemed to be what lured in Troy.

Dancing towards her the pair caught each others eyes and attention as they smiled. She laughed at what Troy was doing and it already seemed to be going well.

“Are you alright? You look hurt?” Troy said in slurred words.

“What, what are you on about.” The girl seemed to be more sober than Troy but was still slightly drunk.

“You’re an angel.” Troy said, ruining the chat up line.

“You mean, fell from heaven. Right?” She laughed.


Troy stumbled through the doorway of the apartment. The young woman from the club followed him through the doors, also stumbling around. She laughed and Troy drunkenly shushed her while smiling, also giggling to himself.

He put his hand out and released his keys, however what he must have thought was a table by the door wasn’t anything there and a clatter was made as the keys hit the hard wood floor. Troy and the girl stopped, looked at each other then laughed again.

“SO, this is my place. Here’s the bathroom, the hallway, I have a kitchen with a fridge. It’s a nice place.” Troy said.

The girl smiled, “Yeah, seems like it is.”

Troy led her to the bedroom, pushing the door open with a good shove. “And this, is my room.”

The girl looked the room up and down, bottles and clothing lay everywhere and she looked in slight disgust at it all. Troy collapsed on his bed, and lay in an unattractive position clearly void of all narcissism.

The girl wandered round the room, looking at the walls and shelves which didn’t seem to have much on, until she came across a framed picture standing on a table in the corner.

In the picture stood Troy and Jess, both at the Empire State building and both looking happy. The girl picked up the photo, confused, she turned round.

“What’s this then?” She asked puzzeled.

Troy suddenly lifted up and squinted at the frame, “Oh, that. Nah, nothing. Just stick it down.”

“Doesn’t seem like nothing. Seems like you’re not single? What’s going on here, you are single aren’t you, I’m not sleeping with a cheat, or a married guy.” The girl angrily said.

Troy lay back again, “What’s your problem, calm down. She’s just, just.”

The girl threw the picture on the bed, “Just what then?”

“Chill out. We gunna have sex or what? Just hurry up and, man I thought you were cool. I don’t usually have people crazy like this.”

“COOL? Right, ok, so you just have girls round all the time, cheating on this mystery girl then?” The girl got angrier.

To make the situation worse a knock on the bedroom door drew more complications to the night.

“Hey, is everything ok in here.” It was Claire.

The girl’s jaw dropped. “Is this the girl, or someone else. Maybe another girl you’ve just had round?”

Troy rubbed his eyes, “Nah, she’s like my rent bitch.”

The door opened and Claire showed her angry face, “I’m your what now?”

“Well, he called you rent bitch, or have you been a flouzy as well and slept with him? God, what am I doing, you don’t do this. I’m leaving.”

Troy laughed, “Ha, seriously. I haven’t, wouldn’t even bother sleeping with Claire. No way. Ha, hilarious.”

Claire, “Troy, what’s your problem tonight? Sorry, who are you anyway?”

“This is, well. Erm, your name again?” Troy said pointing to the girl.

The girl sighed, “I’m out of here. You’re disgusting!” 

The girl stormed past Claire and left the apartment slamming the door.

“Troy, sort your shit. You make me sick sometimes. Kyle’s at work late and I have to be up early just stop making so much noise.” Claire said angrily.

“Seriously Claire, shut up. Look what you’ve done.” Troy threw the photo of him and Jess across the room and it smashed off the wall.

Claire stormed out, slamming the door behind her and Troy went to pick up the photo. As he did he slipped on a bottle lying round the room, hitting his head off the ground and knocking himself unconscious.


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