First Dates Again (Banana Pancakes Pt 21)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Taking a deep breath outside, Troy enters a bar which also featured as a restaurant. Walking in the waiter takes his coat from him then directs him, also manoeuvring him to where Troy assumes he’ll will be sat where Avery is was already scrolling through the menu. She immediatley stands to great him and the two hug.

“Nice to see you again hipster girl.” Troy said jockingly.

“Oh we start like that with the hipster girl do we.” Avery replied back. “I’m sure I can come up with a few words for you late boy.”

Troy laughed, “Very good come back. Bravo.”

“Don’t worry either, I’ve ordered for both of us.” Avery said, trying to hold in the laughter as Troy’s face looked confused. “Joking, I’ve not been here that long.”

Troy moved his head around the room, it was quiet but had that low sombre tone. Spanish music played in the background and the waiters dressed smartly. The bar area looked somewhat busy with people sat at stools, discussing strange topics on secret bars Troy had never heard of, music and the latest weird thing they found from the Internet.

“I’ve never heard or even seen this place before, how’d you find it?” Troy asked Avery feeling guilty.

“You sort of have to know people, like a secret society of hipster sort of thing.” Avery joked.

“This isn’t going to stop is it.” Troy replied.

“Nope. Oh, and tripadviser showed me it. Not so secret.” Avery smiled.

The two scanned there menus looking through the various foods they could have, the waiter then wandered over with a small slate tile and chalk to write their order down, noting it in a scribble then wandering off again.

“So how have you been then?” Avery asked Troy.

“Oh, we just skipping the fact this place uses chalk and slate to write down an order.” Troy joked.

“Thought I’d avoid it to be honest.” Avery said back.

The two laughed for a moment then Troy replied to Avery’s first question. “Me, well I’ve been good. Nervous about tonight though.”

“Nervous, why? Is it because I may comment on the terrible dancing you did last time?” Avery said.

Troy looked embarrassed, “I forgot all about that. Man, how embarrassing.”

“So come on, why so nervous?” Avery said again.

“This is my first, argh, my first date…” Troy started saying.

Avery pulled a weird expression, “You have got to be joking, your first ever?”

“God, no. Not first ever date, I mean first since I got out my breakup.” Troy said.

“Oh, right yeah that makes more sense then. I remember Claire saying something like that, the night we met, some breakup you got out of.” Avery said back to him.

The pair grabbed their glasses of wine almost in sync, swirling the dark red liquid then sipping it gently from the glass. They both then pulled a squirming face afterwards.

“Yeah not a fan of wine either?” Troy said.

“Honestly, no, surprise a woman who doesn’t like wine that much.” Avery laughed back.

Troy took a hard look at Avery, her smile as her teeth gleamed through the tiny crack in her lips, her blue eyes trying to avoid a staring contest with him and the way her hands moved up and down the cutlery edges.

“It’s a weird story but yeah, I was nervous because I thought it was some kind of betrayal and it just felt weird.” Troy said.

“Does it feel weird now?” Avery said, smiling and touching Troy’s hand at the same time.

Troy shook his head, “No, no weirdness or nervousness or…”

“Betrayal, I mean that’s a weird one right. You split up and feel like your betraying her.” Avery laughed.

Troy took a moment but laughed along with Avery as he forgot everything before and what he was going through, living in the moment with Avery.

“So any past boyfriends of yours I should no about?” Troy asked with a laugh.

“Wow, we’re going deep straight away. I haven’t even finished my glass of wine yet Troy.” Avery said laughing back.

A song came on that Troy didn’t recognise but Avery seemed to click straight away as some weird 80’s synth track echoed through the restaurant and the Spanish music had stopped.

“I love this song.” Avery said to Troy.

“I’ll be honest I have no idea who it is.” Troy said.

“Yeah you wouldn’t have heard them before. They’re really underground.” She said back to him trying to contain her laughter whilst also shuffling her body side to side.

“Oh it’s like that again is it hipster girl.” Troy said also moving his shoulders and head in best with the music.

“Nope because I have no idea who they are.” The pair laughed to each other looking into each other’s eyes smiling at the moment they were having.

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