Let Me Simplify With A Loaded Gun

Yet again. Yet again I had to simplify the question for him. Everytime, as if he can never get it the first time, the very first, instead it takes 2, sometimes 3 or 4 attempts.

In a basement, cold and dank, juxtaposed is a man paces too and fourth the room, nice clothing, a fine suit and adjusting the rings on his fingers. Before him sat a young man, mid-20’s, a few cuts on his face but nothing serious.

Now, this kid, sitting before me. He was something, like seriously something. Although he was strapped, tied wrists and ankles to the chair, he wasn’t giving any answers, he never does and he always gets me to repeat over and over the simple question.

I swing a chair round, sit on top of it and stare down his eyes. He didn’t blink, thinking he could play me each time but he couldn’t. I’d win in the end.

“Listen kid. You’ve been in this game a while now.”

He just sat there and gave a slight nod, still not blinking.

“I want one thing and that’s it. Just one, give it to me and I’ll let you go.”

The kid still sat, staring and not blinking. What was his problem.

“At least just acknowledge me god damn it.”

Now he was making me raise my voice, which I didn’t like doing.

“Oh, I’m listening. Just don’t feel like answering.” The kid shrugged off.

The man stood up, shaking his head from side to side. He paced the room, shaking a finger at the young man before him.

“You know. I remember when you first walked in here. Loaded gun, barely even fit in your hand.”

The kid just nodded back. The man shook his head.

“Yeah, barely fit in your hand but it didn’t stop you trying to take this place, point a gun towards me. You see, me, me right here standing before you, I took you in. I saw potential and took you in and what do you do, you throw it back in my face.”

The kid just shrugged his shoulders then let a small smirk creep into his face.

“Shall I simplify the answer again? Where is the…”

A load bang hits off from outside and the room makes a slight shake. The kid still sitting smiling as if not effected.

“What the hell was that?”

The man panicked, twisted himself round and hit the steel door twice.

No answer.

He knocked again but still no answer. Shoving himself against the metal framework but no budge.

“What the hell is going on up there.”

He turned round again to find the young man out the chair. Too quick to react, the kid knocks him in the stomach landing him to the ground then wraps a zip tie round his neck.

As the man chokes, blood now staining his white collar, the kid lets out a grin.

“You see. You let me in, you let me close and it’s all I wanted. Back when I was that kid, loaded gun, I think you said it could barely fit in my hand, well, that failed that day, failed bad but I came up with plan B, and oh boy was it much better.”

The man struggles in as he looses breath, but pulls the cord slightly from his neck to let out a few words.

“What are you on about?”

The young man tightens the cord more gritting his teeth.

“Let me simplify. That day, I wanted to kill you. That’s all I’ve wanted, but when it backfired plan B kicked in. Get close, work hard, gain your trust and your money. Now, we’ll now I get payback, get to kill you and I’ve already earned myself a nice bit of money.”

The young man squeezes the final moment with the cord from the mans life as he lets out a final gasp of air. His last thoughts are simplified, what did he do to this kid to make him kill him.

“Your whole world is going to burn.” Whispers the kids at his final moments, lighting the flame as if in ceremony.


8 thoughts on “Let Me Simplify With A Loaded Gun

  1. Interesting story. Would like to see a continuation of this. Maybe explaining why the kid wanted to kill the man or something. But only if you want to.


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