Four Friends & A Pizza Place (Banana Pancakes Pt 22)

On a summers day in New York, Troy is wandering, holding Avery’s hand almost leading her to somewhere. The tall buildings tower over them and the traffic is alerting with a blaring sound of horns as they stand in traffic.

Avery is pulled forward with a tug and jerks, “Look, this amazing place better be close.” She says.

Troy turns his head and slows his pace, “Trust me it is, it’s down here onto the next block.” He twists his body, turning into an alley, Avery in tow.

They come out of the alley onto the next block and the sun glares into their eyes shining brightly. “Just down there.” He points.

They eventually come to a corner of a large red bricked building where a Luigies sign hangs coloured in a darkened green and red, almost faded. Troy pauses, stumped at the moment and notices wooden boards against the windows and doors.

“So this is nice then. So good it’s out of business?” Avery laughs.


Inside Luigies, Troy stands at the counter on a cold night with Jess wrapped in his jacket.

“I hate that you always bring me here.” She says to him with a slow shiver.

Two slices of large pizza are handed to Troy, “Well will food make you happy now? Best damn pizza in New York!” Troy smiles.

Jess takes the slice and lets out a small smile, “It’s just been a rough night is all. We lost Claire and Kyle, somehow at that god awful party, I just want to go home.”

Troy smiles, holding his pizza as if for a toast, “And we will, straight after pizza.”


Troy is in a trance whilst standing outside of the boarded up pizza place thinking in retrospective of the past.

“I don’t get it, what was so amazing about this place? It’s just pizza.” Avery utters.

He snaps his head, out of the trance, “What do you mean, just pizza!” He pauses, “It’s not just pizza, it’s THE pizza.”

From out of nowhere Troy sees Claire and Kyle wandering from round the corner. Kyle’s head pricks up and he waves over to Troy then suddenly his face dropping in shock and rushing over.

“No, no, no, no, absolutely NO!” He turns to Troy, staring into his eyes then turns his head to Avery, “Hi there I’m Kyle. Troy what the hell!”

Claire has now caught up and stands beside Avery, “Oh dear good this isn’t going to end.” 

“Please can someone tell me what it is about this pizza place!” Avery shouts in exhaustion.

The two men stand staring at her, hard enough as if she’ll suddenly disappear then Claire steps into their view, “Long story how this all started but don’t go there. Hi by the way, Troy’s told us a lot about you. Good things of course.”

Avery extends a hand to Claire smiling, “Troy’s told me a lot about you to, Kyle of course, I’m presuming that’s Kyle and of course he’s talked about this pizza place since, well, date number two I think.”

“I told you not to do that Troy, come on for god sake.” Claire turns to say to him.


Jess and Troy wander out the pizza place, eating their food and looking up at the sky.

“Can you ever even see the stars in this city, like really I don’t think I ever have.” Jess says whilst taking a big bite from her pizza.

As the pair take a few more steps down the street, they see Kyle and Claire rush from round the end of the block. Kyle instantly points to Troy and then Luigies behind the couple and starts rushing over.

He rushes past the shouting “Hey Troy, hey Claire.” And rushes into the pizza joint.

Claire comes up behind him, following on and waves to the pair. Jess rushes over to give Claire a hug, “Hey beautiful, where the hell did you’s get to?” 

She let out a deep sigh, “Don’t even start with what happened, crazy times, where’s my food.” Troy comes over behind Jess, “He’s been rushing to this place all night Troy, and I knew you’d be here as well.”


“We have to stop meeting like this Troy.” Kyle said to Troy giving him, “I’m so sad this is closed down, what do we do now?”

“What brought you’s two down here anyway?” Troy said directing to the both of them.

Kyle laughed and pointed to Claire, “She was in a bad mood and wanted some air.”

“Oh shut up Kyle.” She says in anger. eating her pizza at the same time.

Avery looks confused, “What do you mean bumping into each other, is this a regular thing?” She laughs at the thought.

“Oh, this one night we all bumped into each other after a party. It was random, kind of like now.” Troy said with a smile.

“Yeah back with Jess that night, I remember, good pizza.” Claire gave Kyle a sharp dig to the ribs for mentioning Jess.

Avery just looked at Troy with curiosity, “You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to.” She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Thanks. One day I’ll be ready to tell you.” He holds her hand and their fingers intwine and the pair kiss.

Claire looks at the two of them and smiles, “I’m so happy for you to. Also, this place did  used to have some pretty good pizza.”



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