All The Pleasure From Above

That day was possibly one of he worst. It started with me waking up, the smell of toast and tea downstairs. The cold chill as I left the house and picked up my bike to cycle towards school.

I never noticed it at the time, but now I wish I’d picked up on what was going on.

Somehow my integrity was weakened as I became divided on what became on that day.

The sun beamed in the autumn air as my legs peddled further and further. Eventually getting to the gates, they towered over me pushing through. My school was huge, above in the sky and looking down on me, all seven floors.

In school everyone was happy, smiling, pleased, some even excited. I had this feeling as well, since the morning filling me with joy and pleasure that I’d never felt before, not when going to school anyway.

What was going on.

First class, room 223, Maths, the worst night I add. The teacher strode in, Mr Humble, briefcase in hand and swinging it side to side whilst whistling away.

Weird, I’ve never seen him happy, ever.

Leaving that class, I actually enjoyed maths. First time ever and I can’t believe it. Walking out the sweet scent hit me of freshly cut grass. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but for autumn it was strange.

Lunch came and they did our favourite. The canteen was packed, students pushing from side to side trying to manoeuvre but nobody got angry, everyone still wore their smiles on the outside.

Even Ben, the weird kid who sat alone and mopped a lot sat smiling saying hi, hello and goodbye to everyone for the first time ever, being flexible with other human emotions.

Then it happened.

It was in English class with Miss Peterson. James saw it first as we sat in the ground floor classroom staring at the board but he as always stared outside at he gaping landscape.

Except this time it was filled with bodies, people, students and teachers standing still as statues. All heads pointed up, looking into the sky motionless.

Murmers could be heard from the class, with curiosity hitting us all as we shifted closer to the windows. Then I saw it, from above.

The skies were filled with pink and purple clouds moving slowly across. Wait, o noticed hem this morning when I traveled in.

Moving my gaze higher I clasped my sight on a strange object as if a ship, moving as hey came from above out of the clouds.

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