The Legend Of Tony Costello

The life of 2 distant teens…..

You always had that one guy. The kid who could do no wrong, the one stories were made of. In fact, no, the one who had bibles created after them almost, the Jesus masiah to the masses.

I mean, Tony Costello was that guy. He was the Legend of the school. I was the same age, in fact we shared the same birthday, 29th June 1987, but we shared a lot more than just that, yet I wasn’t the legend.

Everyone wanted to be with Tony, be Tony in fact and just share the same air as him but that didn’t get to happen for everyone, just a select few. The tight nit group he kept between was just like a cloud of the higher class. The kids whose parents were lawyers, bankers and in the real estate business. Tony’s parents did just that, a dad who ran a real estate business and a mother who was part of a law firm that I can’t even mention with any legal backfire.

Some of the stories I heard about the legend Costello were beyond perfect, trust me. There was this one story he fought off a group of guys at a bar, I mean Tony was big, tough as well but a group of guys, twice his age, and what was he doing at a bar, he’s 16?

Another priceless story was he’d slept with 3 girls on the same night, together. It’s sometimes amazing what gets round school. Also the girls, they were more like cougars, again any area of the stories were highly doubtful. He’d also one time got with a teacher, been removed from school for flooding the gym hall, I don’t even know how that one got started because it never even happened, but you get what I mean.

Legends are just stories.

Me and Tony used to be our very own legends as well, just a story of the past now.

We grew up together, were best friends, scratch that, brothers. Side by side through everything, even when my parents got divorced, he was there for it.

I knew his favourite his favourite film was Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back of course. His favourite TV show was Fresh Prince, and actually that was also his favourite rapper at the time. I knew his favourite food was pizza, double cheese because we’d have it every time he came round to mine. I knew his favourite colour was purple but he’d never let anyone else know that because he always kept it quiet.

He was my best friend. My legend.

It fell apart when he defended me going into high school. One day coming from home, I landed myself in a fight and things went their usual ways, me down to the ground, all I remember is Tony took in 3 kids a year older and that was that. The next day, word got round and things went from there.

We stopped speaking, he stopped coming by my house and then I started hearing more and more stories. Tony never made any of them up, he just went along for the ride and I don’t blame him.

Like I said, legends are just stories and nothing more.

But that day of the fight, when I was down on the ground and Tony stepped in, now that was a legend.


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