Shooting Star Through The Cosmos

Flying through the stars was always my favourite thing to do. It was just me and the empty vastness of space, the blackness with the tiny simplicity of a twinkle here and over there.

Traveling at the speed of light was even better as the colours streamed together in a magical wonder mixture like a radiant shooting star through the stellar cosmos, but it was bound to end sometime.

Across the console on my tiny ship, the Alloa, lights bleeped and the sound of a hazard echoed in the background.

The automated computer system in the hardware of the ship, Betty as I liked to call her, repeatedly ushered out a disruption sound.

The main thing I chose to ignore was the huge WARNING as it glowed it’s essential crimson red colour lighting the deck of the Alloa.

You’d think that’d panic me, but it didn’t, it never did and I never learned my lesson.

There where three of them, Hypolta class ships, small but nimble but where they scavenge for wreckage usually, they were now onto my scent with he big bad coming to get me, sort of like the space bogeyman.

My drives where out with a shudder, it wasn’t a bang just another bleep and about four flashing lights in the console again to warn me. Sometimes I’d put tape over them just to ignore the different colours, feeling toxic to my eyes like something was always wrong.

They were pulling into the side of Alloa, this was it, possibly the final bout, which would have been a much better moment if the WARNING didn’t glow brighter as if I even had a chance at this point.

Sparks flew from behind and the console and then it happened, the ship stopped in its place floating in space and the damn console shut off, sadly Betty to, but mainly the console.

I jumped for joy, flapping my hands in the air as I finally had back that silence in space.

The gradient doors slid open behind and four burley men stood, guns included, to exit me swiftly to the Venture ship to their scavenger commander.

It was almost as if I’d been caught with my pants down, instead arms in the air, flapping around at the enjoyment of that god awfully WARNING being shut off and the flashing bleeping lights ending their existence.

The men sort of stood, awkwardly staring at me so I slowly lowered my arms to about head height, holding out my hands to show I had no weapons but they still stared.

I hoped they had some fervour sense about them, maybe, I was after all fairly lonely.

“Boy am I glad you’ve finally shut that thing off.”

They did not find that funny.


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