Out Of Time

I click the watch into place again. Twisting the dial and setting for 5-minutes, the usual time and place.

My brilliance had worked as always as I got that warm buzz feeling, holding my hand over the clock face and pushing down on the dial.

The glow happened, a snap and a sudden jut of movement as if not moving and it happened.

Like I said, my brilliance on creating this device was magnificent.

It was now 8.55 and my perfect watch had let me travel back in time yet again. Like I mentioned, only 5-minutes, still a work in progress.

An average height woman, brunette hair and a beautiful complexion was walking straight ahead, leading her path into mine.

This was the reason I traveled back, again. Time to make my move before I’m out of time.

The woman bumped straight into me, books in hand dropping straight to the floor. The plan was a go.

“So sorry let me help you with that.”

We both bent down to pick them up.

“Thank you, sorry silly me as always. Such a clutts.”

The sound of her voice made me smile, then our hands touched on the same book, again according to plan, I’d seen enough teen movies to know how love works.

We started standing up again, books now placed back in her hands. Now I have to remember how to sort this out, unlike the last 17 times.

“So, you free at 11? Maybe brunch?”

She smiled, “I’m off to a meeting but, yeah 11 would be great. Brunch is my favourite.”

7 times out of 10, they love brunch.

“I know this great place, Antonio’s, Italian style but, oh moto bene.”

I pray I did that right this time, the last time I truly messed it up.

“Oh not quite there with the Italian but nice try. I’m studying Italian at the moment and can I just say Antonio’s is my favourite place!”

She giggles, I love it when she does that, then a smile follows again and she starts twisting her hair.

“How did you know I love brunch and Antonio’s. You’ve got some talents.”

She laughed, I laughed, we’re still in that 80’s teen styled movie and she’s falling for me every second we talk.

“So, 11, Antonio’s.”

She said as she twists, starting to walk backwards away from me.

“Yeah, 11 at Antonio’s Beth, I’ll see you there.”

She suddenly stops, pauses for a moment and walks back to me, “Wait how do you know my name?”

My first thoughts are run, but then I didn’t do all this for nothing. 17 times and I mess up when I was this close. Damn.

“Come on then how do you know my name? Are you stalking me?”

My Brian’s flashing signals shouting at me to think of a Way Out of this.

“Name tag.”

Really, first words I can think of is name tags.

“Sorry, on your books, name tags.”

She looks at her books then back to me then back at the books and shakes her head.

“Oh, of course. Sorry, yeah that makes sense. Yeah, it’s Beth. So see you at 11, Erm?”

“Tony, names Tony. And it’s a date.”

Her face drops, looking at me confused and my smile starts defusing. What’s happened now. I just got out of one thing and into something else I presume.

“Sorry, date. No sorry, I thought, wait that makes sense. This is so my bad, I’m a lesbian.”

Well my dreams are shattered. Attempt number 18 was a hit and miss and I’ve wasted a good 3-hours of my morning and she’s the third women.

“Erm, but you. You seemed really up for it and, wait I don’t understand. I did so much this time, tried SO HARD.”

She pulls a more confused face, “I, well I’m sorry. I like women not men. I just thought you wanted to, I dunno be friends. Wait what do you mean this time, have you Don’t this before. You are a stalker aren’t you. Creep.”

She started walking away again, this time in anger with no magical ora trialing from her, “You’re a pathetic little man.”

So, attempt number 18, 3-hours gone. My watch starts spitting sparks and frazzling noises erupt, looks like I’m also out of time as well.

Via Daily Prompt


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