Prospects Of Future (Banana Pancakes Pt 24)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

“So, imagine 5 years from now, what do you want? Where will you be?” Troy says to Avery as she sips a cup of coffee.

The pair are sat in a hidden away spot in New York, off from Time Square in a cafe with a weird name Troy has struggled to prunounce.

“I’m not usually the type to think so much about the future, but at the moment I have been, so just thought, you know, what do you think you’ve got coming?”

Avery laughed at first, then followed a sweet smile soon after. “No, you are right this is not like you. Troy who can’t even think about plans for the week coming.”

He sips his coffee as well and sits back in his chair, listening to the hum of Hozier in the background.

“I mean, harsh words I think, I’m not that bad am I?”

Avery looks at Troy, deep into his eyes, “Remember two weeks ago, I said lets do something in four days, gave you four days but I left it all to you to think.” 

“And I don’t remember this at all.” He laughed.

“Well, you couldn’t plan it because you don’t like looking ahead.” The tone suddenly shifted serious as Avery sat closer to Troy, grasping his hands, “Look, something happened to you, I get that. You went through a really difficult time, but you clearly changed after that.”

Troy pulled a face, “This is getting a bit too serious. Just a light bit of coffee turns into, I don’t know whatever this is.”

“Look all I’m saying is, you need to start actually looking at the future, for yourself.”  Avery let go of Troy’s hands and smiled at him again.

He thought over what Avery said, the same words playing over and over in his head, he often liked asking about what people thought for themself for the future, but the words never strayed into his own head to do the same.

He’d now begun to realise he needed to change.

“Look Avery, one day I’ll tell you what happened. You’re right, I have changed I’m a different person than I once was but, that’s for better reasons.”

The two once again hold each others hands and look into one anothers eyes.


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