End Of The Line

Bag. Check.

Pass. Check.

Life in order. Check?

It was a day like no other. I wandered into the depths of work, through the large revolving doors, a smile to security and a wave of my pass.

Just like that I was in.

Now began my journey. To clim to the heights of the building I belonged in. Traveling to the tip for my moment of glory, my interview to the stars, gateway to heaven.

Today was a carpe diem, grab life by the moment sort of day, I could feel it.

Yes, today was my day to don the interview room, show off to all and land this job I’d been wanting for so long.


As I headed past the moment of waving my pass and round the corner to the escalators, all 5 of them, I soon realised. The room I was going to was even further than the usual 5 I’d headed to.

I paused, hesitated in a fixed state of delusion, I hadn’t thought this far. Not at all. I’d planned everything, the way to work, the interview, what I’d say, heck even what they’d say to me. Everything except this.


Second thoughts, the stairs. Yeah, sure it’d be a huge 39 flights, but I’m sure I could make it.

Problem number 2, there were no stairs.

Well, there were stairs, but only for incase of fire kind of stairs, not for anyone to just wander about though.

Looked like I had to do it, I had to go into the dreaded elevator. I hadn’t opted for this, even thought about it. The closed off space, me 4 walls and other people, the thought terrified me. I couldn’t cope.

Standing outside, I key the button to call the elevator. Old New York buildings had a rickety sort of elevator process. It beeped, tinging away as the numbers lit one by one as it edged it’s way down and I got more and more worried for my life.

Cut it out, I thought. What’s there to worry about, it’s only an elevator.

It finally arrived in what I thought was a crash. The doors slid open, a man hovered inside staring and ushering me in like some sort of private club, it was nothing of the sort.

The man stood, smartly dressed in building attire similar to security and the reception area. His smile seemed genuine, as if saying, prepare to die. I shook it off.

I entered, the man waved his hand across the buttons, urging me to pick. I pointed out the 39th floor, dreading the speed me may travel and thinking what am I doing. How could I.

Me, this man and four walls as the door closed. We edged upwards to the 5th floor, the doors slid open and people wandered in, 3 of them. I felt cramped but I could do this.

10 floors up, more entered, a further 4 people. Where were they all going. I could do this I kept thinking, I believe I can. Just get to the interview.

The walls felt like they were closing in. Floor 15, the doors screeched open and 2 men left, followed by 4 women coming in and another man. They each stared at me when entering as if there was something on my face. I was terrified at this point, fearing for my lift.

I stifled, suffocating from side to side. Another floor, another floor, another floor. Help me I thought, I tried to scream but nothing, I felt nothing at this point. The ceiling faded away into an empty abyss, then the floor vanished. I chocked a moment then heard a ting and a ding. I awoke, collapsed on the floor and the man of the elevator stood there, ushering me out as the doors slowly opened up.

“End of the line.” The man said.

The doors opened, nothing was there.

It was cold, dark and black.




It was the end.


Then I woke up in a cold sweat. It was a dream, no, a nightmare. I was never in the elevator. My fear was over.

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