First Time In New York (Banana Pancakes Pt 25)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

“So, tell me again how your first time in New York was?” Avery asks Troy one night in Claire and Kyle’s apartment.

The skyline could been seen venturing across New York and Troy walked over with a bottle of wine where Claire and Avery sat gossiping to one another.

“Alright, alright whats going on here?” He muttered, placing the wine on the coffee table.

“We’re just talking about our first time coming to New York thats all.” Avery says with a snigger.

Troy points at Claire, “This is you isn’t it Claire.” She instantly bursts out laughing as Troy sits down.

“So, come on then tell us.” Avery says.

“It’s not that interesting, trust me.” 

“No, it’s hilarious.” Claire blurts out.

Troy opens the wine, pouring three glasses as the liquid flows and circles each.

“Right then, if I have to. I came to New York for a job interview, a blogging company as a, well I thought it was a possibility for a writing position.”


Troy arrives in New York through the train in Central Station. He instantly finds himself lost in his first venture into the big city, people pushing into him to go about their lives, noise filling the station and the coldness sweeping over him in moments.

He walks outside, finding it’s pouring rain and he didn’t bring an umbrella. Steeping out the doors a man runs straight into him knocking him to the ground and the folder he carried his writing work in scatters across the water filled sidewalk. He quickly collects the pieces together and the man goes about his business instead of helping.

Moving to the road now, he spots a taxi, flagging it down it rushes by him driving through a puddle which draws a wave across his entire body. Troy thinks to himself, this is not going right for me already.

Finally in a taxi, he gets out, arriving at a huge towering building above him. He checks his watch and sees he’s just in time with just a few minutes to spare so he pauses and takes in the sights around him.


“That doesn’t sound terrible.” Avery points out to him.

“Well, finally I had the interview and found out it was for the mail room. The damn mail room for all of that.” He said.

Claire then started laughing again and Avery joined in, the two finding the ending to the story extremely funny.

“But, that did get you to New York and was your first job here, so wasn’t all that bad.” Claire said smiling, still laughing at the story.

Troy sat back in the seat and smiled, “Yeah, got me to New York, I met Claire and Kyle, met you.” He said, pointing his glass at Avery and smiling, “And to top it off, Claire has a much more embarrasing story about her first time in New York.”

Claire’s face goes shocked then blushes, “You dare Troy!”

Avery laughs and smiles, “Right she’s next then, tell us the story.”


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