There & Back Again (Banana Pancakes Pt 26)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

Troy was running through the streets of New York, more specifically in the Manhattan area. He was out of breath and rushing to his destination. It was at this point where the sunset caught his eye on the horizon and the blinking moment landed him straight into a street light at the time.

He lay on the floor, looking straight up into the open blue sky. After a brief moment, a young woman placed out a hand to him, “Are you alright there?” She said with a smile, offering him a hand up as she said it.

He nodded, moved to a sitting position on the ground and noticed people were now staring at him. He rubbed his head, some slight mishap to his forehead where it met the street light had caused a small cut and some oozing blood.

He took the young womans hand, lifting himself to his feet. “Thanks.” 

“Maybe you should get that looked at?” She said pointing to his forehead he had covered with his hand.

“I haven’t got time, I’m in a rush.” He started to run off down the street emphatically but not meaning to come across that way so he shouted back “But thank you.” He then paused, turning back, “You wouldn’t know where I can get a cab from here?”

The young woman gave Troy some directions, pointing down the block then to the right and left. He instantly started running off to the location.

Getting there he waived a taxi cab, two drove right past clearly with someone in them so when the third came and Troy put his hand out to waive it down, he also slid out onto the road to stop it.

The cab slammed it’s breaks on, but it wasn’t quite enough and Troy slid slightly up the front of the car then slid off onto the ground. Uninjured he jumped into the empty cab, “I need the airport, step on it.”

The driver turned round, “Are you, Jesus, are you alright?”  The driver seems panicked in his thick Brooklyn accent, “Seriously I just hit you, are you ok?”

Troy just pointed, “I’m fine, just please to JFK airport now.”

The cab driver slid out into the road in amongst other cars smoothly but aggressively. The driver had seen this kind of rush a few times in his years of service so knew to put his foot down and get Troy to the airport.

After driving for a few minutes Troy had calmed himself slightly, he was still taking deep breaths and had some slight blood on his forehead but it wasn’t too bad. The driver kept looking at his rear mirror at Troy and decided he had to ask, “So, I gotta ask. What’s with the rush?”

Troy’s mind was elsewhere, “Sorry, what?”

“You, the rush, what’s with it. You threw yourself in front of my cab.”

He laughed at the cab drivers concern, “It’s a girl.”

The driver smiled back, which Troy caught from the mirror, “Well my friend say no more, I’ll get you there as quick as I can.”

The cab pulled up to the airport, Troy said a quick thanks to the driver and passed some money through the small window, “Good luck my friend.” The driver said, waiving him off at the time.

Troy loved New York cab drivers, he always found them helpful, pleasing and listeners to any story you had to tell. He’d explained what was happening, why he threw himself in front of his cab and why he was rushing to the airport for this girl, and the driver took the time to just listen.

In the airport Troy had to get to Gate 3, a plane was just about to leave for London and he had to just say something to someone before they were going. He was just in luck as it hadn’t left just yet but a moment of thought he knew it wasn’t a fluke, no it was meant to be that the plane was delayed. No flukes were getting in his way today. His eyes roamed the board to see the flight and he launched off to the Gate to find them.

Running, jumping and dodging his way through people, even being halted by a cute old couple who took their time to move through a doorway at one point, but Troy wasn’t angered by it.

Finally, he was there, at the gate and searching. He was scanning the area, looking everywhere for her, the one, Avery. The pair caught each other’s eyes and his face lit up, hers doing the same as their smiles shined across the room and melted together in the air.

They began rushing towards each other, again dodging between people at the same time until they met, opened armed and thrust each other into one another arms.

After a moment of holding each other, Troy whispered, “Please don’t go.”

Avery whispered back, “You know I have to, sorry.”

“You’re my hipster girl.” She pulled back and smiled hugely across her face.

The two then instantly opened their mouths and uttered words they couldn’t take back from this point forward in sync.

“I’ll miss you.”  Avery said.                           /                        “I love you.” Troy said.

The two paused, looking into each others eyes as they were lost for words, this wasn’t a fluke either.

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