Drunken Arguments (Banana Pancakes Pt 27)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. 

Troy and Avery are lying in bed, side by side staring up at the ceiling. Avery slips her fingers interlocking them with Troy’s as he’s telling her a story.

“So, what started leading to the, you know.” Avery said, with some calmness in her voice.

Troy blinked twice and noticed a small dot as if in the form of a smiley face on the ceiling, one which reminded him of his old apartment.

“It was an argument, a weird one at that.” He started saying.


Troy lay on top of his bed in his old apartment. He was staring at a weird mark on his ceiling and then checked his phone as if expecting something.

1:00am flashed in the glow of the screen and he sighed, rolling over. Closing his eyes for a brief moment he hears the door of the apartment click open and shut, quickly grabbing his phone he notices the time 2:30am.

He goes to see what the noice was at the door, seeing a drunken Jess stumble in, dropping her keys at the time.

“Wellll hellooo there Captain.” She started making weird arm movements and swaying from side to side. Her usual lissome body was now nothing of the sort as it swung too and fourth.

Troy just stared at first, shaking his head, “Jess, what time do you call this? I’ve been wondering where you are?”

Jess just shrugged, stumbling towards her keys and not quite being able to grasp them.

“Hey, come on what’s going on?” He was trying to get something from her.

Troy moved in closer to her, picking up the keys and putting them on the hall table. He put his hands on either side of her, propping her up.

“Get off me Troy.” She said in slurred words while shrugging him off.

“What’s your problem? You don’t come home from work, you roll in at nearly 3:00am drunk, what’s going on?” He repeated, started to get agitated.

She pushes past him, stumbling down the hall and into the kitchen. In the fridge she finds a bottle of wine, taking it out and up screwing the lid.

“You know what your problem is Troy, you don’t live a little, need to, wait, you don’t live.” She swigs back some wine. “You and your non existent gregariousness where you want to stay in and play happy couples.

Troy takes a moment to acknowledge what Jess is saying as his face grows more and more puzzled.

“You never want to do anything fun anymore, nothing exciting, you, Kyle and Claire just want to go down to the same bar we’ve been going for years.” She starts getting more and more angry whilst waiving the wine around.

“I don’t want to fight Jess, I don’t know where this is coming from. Just out down the wine, we’ll go to bed and talk in the morning.” He said whilst moving in closer to her to grab the bottle.

Jess takes another swig of the bottle, side stepping Troy from grabbing it.

“Earth to Troy, Im bored. I want fun, I want to live, so I thought I’ll start tonight, live a little live a lot.” She started dancing to the sound of her own voice.

“Look come here, we do have fun, I do anyway. I love you, love what we have, alright we go to the same bar, but we can go elsewhere.” He goes in for an embrace.

“Don’t come near me” She said, slapping Troy hard in the face.

The two pause, stood till in the never ending moment of time. Troy just looked at her in shock while Jess didn’t realise what she’d done and what was happening.

“I just want to see the world.” Tears started rolling down her face, “I’m sorry.”

She ran off to the bedroom, shutting the door behind her with the sound of sobbing. Troy didn’t know what to do, what to say so stood there, stuck in place in the kitchen.


“So that was sort of the start. I later found out why and why she was acting like that on the night, but it all went downhill from there.” Troy said, still staring at the same spot above.

Avery got closer to Troy, resting her head on his chest, their fingers still interlocked.

“You’ve got some pretty good stories, maybe you should write a book some time.” She laughed, “Titled First Time In New York.”

Troy laughed at the sound of that and the reason she said the title.


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