Welcome To New Jersey Part II

*This is part of ‘Point Of View‘ from Fingers to Sky where an overall story will show four different characters in different POV. This chapter is third person male.

Peter walked down the alleyway on the cold winter night, his breath like white smoke before him. He’d figured it was another scene like any other, it felt like any other.

Police lights flashed red and blue in the distance at either end and already a crowd had gathered with reporters.

“Clear those lot back, right now.” He said in an angered fashion. He just wasn’t having any of it.

Moving closer, tape had already been put up around the scene, doing his usual he ripped it in two instead of climbing under it in the usual kerfuffled fashion, he wasn’t stooping down for his own crime scene.

“Right, what’s going on then? You, give me the details, now.” He screamed with a shudder in everyone who witnessed it.

Detective Peter McKlark was an angry one, everyone knew that and anyone who witnessed it knew to avoid him at all costs, but it never bothered him, in fact he knew it always helped with his job instead.

One officer came rushing over, holding a piece of paper as he made a dart through various other officers. He held details of what they’d found already at the scene, after a quick dart to the left he got to the detective, but the detective snatched it, ripping it up and throwing it away.

He crouched down, looking at a small pool of red liquid, blood, thick and dark. He moved his eyes above where it was and to the side, two bullet holes in the side of the wall.

“Have we found anyone yet, from the scene?” He said again with a stern sense about him.

The officer who issued him the paper shook his head, the detective just looked him up and down. “Well why not.” He issued.

He’d sussed the scene already, piecing it all together and for the other officers it was something to truly see. “Young woman, 20’s nail over there glittered in gold shine broken off, one bullet hit her, went through the leg so she’s wounded. The trail of blood ends at the alley, but also she was here with some men, two maybe three, cigarettes not finished but flicked away, seems like it was a hit maybe.” He rattled off out of nowhere from a brief moment in the crime scene.

Back at the station the detective sat in his dimly lit office looking over case files. Every case felt like he was not rejuvenated enough and needed more, wanted more and he’d seek just that.

At that point the phone on his desk starts to vibrate, grabbing it he looks at the screen and sees UNKNOWN scroll across and answers, “I’m on it alright, I’ve just been at the scene and we’re sorting it.” He takes a brief pause as the person on the other line begins talking back, “Right, got it, it’ll be sorted.” The phone then cuts out and at that same point he gets a knock at the door, it’s one of the officers from earlier.

With a waive of he strickens an order of entering the person in. They looked nervous, afraid and unsure what to do or say but they let the words speak for them self. “We’ve got them, the woman who got shot. Found her on the street somewhere, she’s been bandaged and treated at the hospital and now being brought over for questioning.”

A smile entered Peters face, the detective felt an awe of relief and limited trouble now. His phone, still in hand started to shudder again as it vibrated, at the same moment wishing he young officer out the door he uttered “The moment she’s in for questioning you tell me, you hear. I’m the first to know.”

The door clicked shut as the young man stumbled off in silence. He looked down at the phone and smiled, “Welcome to New fuckin Jersey.” The detective answered the call again to the unknown person on the other line.

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