The Strangest Apartment Share

I’d gone through the interviews, the meets and the question and answers. Today was the day they finally come inside my abode.

I’d cleared everything, tidied what was needed, heck even a new lick of paint in the kitchen, that old mustard yellow has gone.

It was the day, the nerves tickled my every fragment of skin. What if I didn’t get on with them, or we weren’t comparable as house shareies, in fact don’t even say that made up word.

Knock at the door and my heart skipped a beat, I’d almost forgotten how to introduce myself, do I shake, hug, just a simple greeting. I don’t know.

Opening the door they stood there, bright eyed and bushy tailed, not literally. Suitcases and boxes beside them, how did they even get them here I have no idea.

We greet, a simple hug not too tight but not too loose as if we don’t care, we’re roomies. Stop it with the weird words I thought.

I show her to the room, the second to the left which is slightly smaller than mine but with a nice view.

She unpacks, I offered but didn’t want to get in the way and instead make some drinks. I play The Beatles, Abbey Road, she approves and we’re off to a good start.

From the unpacking she had small glass jars suspended from different areas of the room, I thought maybe something to help her sleep but she also flashed off an abundance of witchcraft books. Strange, yes, acceptable, maybe, did I care, not really.

It was a month later the next thing came up, I found her looking though my laptop, I still To this day don’t know how she got access to it or even why she was on it but it startled her when I ushered into the main room after a hard days work to find her scrolling, maybe snooping through.

We seemed to get on, but I never felt like I knew her or what she really did. She told me she worked as a bartender, that’s why she was always out late at night, but what she wore were always vintage garments. Old 1800’s dresses, big and bold. Black was always the colour of choice and it flowed with an essence of power behind it. Again quite strange.

Another strange moment was coming home to grounded lavender in the sink. It had been used because a trail led to her room, as if cupped in her hands and manoeuvred to her solitude. I never brought this up, just washed it away instead.

It was a few months down the line I found out. Walking in from a busy day at work, being sent home from work half day because of sickness, I felt bad, ill and on the verge of death.

Stumbling into the apartment, it felt cold, unusual and as if not my own. The lights were out and it was dark, as if night but the daylight rested outside. The windows were blacked out and only the flicker of candles swayed leading to the main room when I found her.

Sat down, on he wood flooring, she swayed in front of a weird demonic shape on the floor. Ringed our in black ink with triangle and circle shapes amalgamating together to form one. She hummed a tune and uttered what seemed like backward words at the time.

My sickness felt like it was leaving my body, escaping my soul and through my skin that electric feeling bounding off the flesh.

I was free, nothing held over me and felt younger, more energetic and powerful. However, something superstitious fell over me.

She looked up, a candle lighting her glow and smiled, uttering the words “all done now, feel better.”

Had she done this, made this happen?

We never talked about this, even acknowledged this and she never even tried to explain what I witnessed that day. Still years later I don’t know what even happened to me or what she did but I just choose to accept it.

I still question if she had any witchcraft in her, all the signs were there you just don’t think in this day and age you should even think of that. Eventually, a few months after that moment, she disappeared, packed her things and went away without a goodbye, or a hug anyway.

It was time to find a new roomie again, god I need to stop using stupid words.

15 thoughts on “The Strangest Apartment Share

      1. AH, yes that explains it.
        My stories are usually fiction too. I wrote a story one about twins, with an evil twin that kills people and the other twin tells the police. Someone said “You did the right thing, I hope you feel better about it soon.” I found it hilarious.! I enjoyed the story. You could have a sequel where they meet up again in the future πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol, I know. I wrote a story about a man going through a difficult time. I had so many comments I had to put “THIS IS FICTION” in the title. But then if it has that authenticity, it’s got to be good. πŸ™‚


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