Gods Among Us (Vertigo II)

To view Vertigo I click here.

Back here again, that hard cushion below me, you call this padding, I always laughed at that when I told that joke, she never laughed back though.

She’s sat there tapping her pen against that notebook, then a scribble on the pad, maybe she’s just writing she loves me over and over again like a true fan.

“So, we going to talk today, or?”

I rarely made the first move but this silence for 3-minutes is killing me.

She looks up from her notebook, pushing those oval glasses up the ridge of her nose, wait, why am I even playing close attention to her fine details.


That’s it, that’s the response I get as she scribbles more in the notebook about loving me so much, I presume.

“How long we going to sit like this Doc, getting a little bored and I think people need saving don’t you?”

“So, you want to talk today, interesting. Well, lets start with powers, heroes, what do you think of them?”

This was a weird thing for her to start with, usually it was something to boost my ego like saved any kids later, or the latter which would be is HE back, but not this.

“What about them, love heroes, I’d be out of a job if we didn’t have them.”

More scribbling away I see.

“What about gods, do you believe that these powers make you gods?”

My thought strays across a red neon cross I once saw whilst working in a desert, it was a madman, a villain who’d put together a cult, weird.

“Nope, next question.”

I didn’t like that question, so I’ll skip it instead.

“Your people are like gods among us, among the human race is that not right?”

There was only one person who thought himself a god and that was HIM. She was antagonising me, pushing me to break as always.

“Gods, nah, wouldn’t say that, more just flexible humans, nah, the guardian angels maybe?”

Wait, I messed up on that one didn’t I, damn.

“Interesting, not gods but angels instead.”

I try to feel equanimous through this deriving conversation we’re having. It doesn’t happen.

“I didn’t mean it like that, stop doing this.”

“I’m just trying to get to understand.”

She always ends up saying this.

“Look, we’re not separate from the rest of humanity, we aren’t some higher beings. We’re all the same.”

“Except your people have abilities, powers and govern our protection.”

I’m getting frustrated now, she must have realised this is the way to get to me, well tough luck Doc, I ain’t opening up now.

“We’re all the same, we integrate ourself into the rest of the world. Some of us want to use our powers for good, some for bad, some not at all. Tell you what Doc, I got a friend, you’d love him, he has this amazing power to teleport but guess what…”

She starts scribbling more notes down in the pad, trying to move on swiftly I think.

“He likes to use public transport, you’ve told me that one before.”

“Wow, do you ever think your life is one big spoof story, I mean, me retelling jokes, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

She smiles, she clearly found that funny,

“So you think life is one big spoof story?”

I laughed, I do often think this, that its all a big joke and I’m playing a bit part in a comedy superhero film.

“Anyway Doc, lets talk more about you? You getting out of here at all, seeing anyone?”

I try to ease the tension, draw it away from all the god stuff, it’s making my skin crawl and she knows if she makes me uneasy she gets answers from me.

“Stop changing the subject Vertigo.”

Worth a try I think.

“Anyway, please let me use your name will you. Vertigo is so cliche.”

Great, we’re back to this ol chestnut again. Lets pass some time with me saying no to revealing my SECRET identity, god sake.

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