Wake Up Call (Banana Pancakes Pt 28)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

A faint humming and then a louder buzz noise woke Troy. This quickly turned into a bouncing beat with what he thought might be some rap lyrics over the top of it.

Opening his eyes, he didn’t recognise where he was only seeing slight blurs and colours mixing together. No smells felt similar to his usual morning occurrence and he didn’t hear the usual New York traffic outside his bedroom window.

As he rolled over in the bed, his eyes became fixated more on his environment. He noticed a small TV in the corner of the room, pictures draped all over the walls and fairy lights dangling across the ceiling lighting up. He didn’t recognise what was round him then he turned whilst still lying seeing a woman, face down next to him.

She was faceless and seemed woebegone, her head buried into the double pillows of the bed with just a mop of blond hair for all Troy could see.

He noticed he lay in just his underwear and started looking at the woman, trying to think back to the night before but nothing clicking into place. She then moves, rolling slightly but still with no face visible.

Moving his body up ever so slightly whilst still trying to avoid waking whoever was lying next to him, Troy starts to look for his clothes which are spread across the floor. He moves out the bed, with only the faint cream as his feet touch the wooden floorboards below then grabbing his jeans and putting them on one leg at a time, twisting them up his body making a slight grunt.

The music from next door changes and morphs into something else and Troy smiles, recognising the sound of a Childish Gambino song he recognised noticing the ‘Heartbeat’ song.

As he’s putting on his last sock and still searching for whatever top he was wearing from before, the mysterious woman awakes, twisting in a yawning motion and rubbing here eyes. As her hands moved from her face to the bed pushing herself up to sit, Troy recognised her as a girl he met at the bar from the night before. She looked over at Troy in shock, him doing the same.

“Erm, morning I guess.” Troy said not knowing what to start the morning off with.

The girl waved back, “Yeah, morning back.”

The two stood in silence a bit more not knowing what to say as Troy finally fixed his sock firmly in place still searching for the short he wore.

“So, did we, you know? Last night?” Troy said moving his hands in a back and fourth motion.

The girl look puzzled, “Maybe, I don’t know.”

Troy laughed, “Well maybe not memorable then. Do you know where my shirt is?”

The girl looked round the side of the bed, finding a orange shirt with palm trees on, she laughed then passed it to Troy, “Yeah I think we did, you know, last night. It’s all coming back to me, Hawaiian night at the Gorilla Lounge?”

Troy just nodded his head, “Yeah that’s right I remember some of it now.”

“Troy isn’t it?” She said back to him.

He smiled buttoning up his shirt, “Yeah, sorry, can’t remember your name. Wait, was it Victoria? Yeah.”

Scorn filled her expression straight away as anger built up, “No that’s my roommate who was also out last night and now PLAYING REALLY LOUD MUSIC!” She started shouting while banging on the wall. “I’m Charlotte.”

“Nice wake up, bit of Childish Gambino.” Troy said back to Charlotte.

“Not a fan. So, do this often? I’ll be honest I don’t, what do we do now, awkward farewell?” Charlotte said trying to get Troy to leave.

“Honestly, haven’t done this in a while, just got out a relationship. Like a few weeks ago, well and then had an even longer relationship which ended like, well 7 months ago now I think.” Troy started saying.

Charlotte yawned, really opening her mouth wide and Troy didn’t know if it was out of boredom or tiredness. “Think you said something like that last night, some girl broke your heart, you found someone else a few months later name rang a bell, Ashley, Anna, Avery, something like that, then that ended or something. I don’t know, a lot of drinks happened I guess. This wasn’t anything by the way.” Charlotte said as if it was a planned monologue.

Troy didn’t know what to say or how to react after Charlotte put him down but he now just wanted to escape the kerfuffle he’d put himself in as this morning was turning into a weird awkwardness he could sense in the air.

“I Best just go I think.” Troy said in a weird reply to what Charlotte uttered to him. He pointed to the door and smiled not knowing how to say goodbye as if the words left his mouth.

“It was fun, well what I remember. Out the door, down the hall and door out is right there.” Charlotte said pointing to the way out for Troy quite rudely.

Troy left the room, walked down the hall and smiled as the track next door from Victorias room as it grew louder and he started bopping his head back and fourth, leaving the apartment with the door number 78 labelled on the front.

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