Welcome To New Jersey Part III

*This is part of ‘Point Of View‘ from Fingers to Sky where an overall story will show four different characters in different POV. This chapter is third person female.

Macioveni strided from side to side of her office with a cigar in her hand. She was a plump woman, stocky, someone you would never want to mess with. Large rings rested on her fingers and red nail polish at the ends of her nails. Her eyes spelled anger in any instance you looked at them and she often walked with a clenched fist.

She’d learned everything from her father, Don Macioveni, and used all his guidance to return the family to what it once was, like back in the 60’s when it was at it’s height in the game. One thing always stood in her way though, her brother.

She had anger fill her, a simple job he was tasked with, kill this woman on her knees for what she’d done to them. Nobody got away with anything.

Macioveni could hear a noise from outside the office, a rumbling, she opened the door, stormed down the dimly lit hallway and into the main strip club of Wilder Thoughts to find a man trying to grope one of her young girls.

“You bets pay her a fine amount for what you’re doing there or I’ll take you round the back and show you a good time myself, except it won’t be pretty.”

The man didn’t react at first and laughed it off. Suddenly a click of the fingers and a nudge to the back of his head followed by a clicking sound of a gun. Her finger was enticed to pull the trigger.

“Please, tell me that again.”

You could hear the mans gulp a mile away then another click of the fingers and he was dragged off and out the door to the alleyway behind the strip club.

Back in the office, she had now filled the room with smoke. A knock at the door brought her attention back in the room, is was what she’d been waiting for all night, as she slammed down her phone and entering was her brother, the weasel as she liked to call him.

He sat in front of her, as always not knowing what to say and she already knew she had the rooms atmosphere in the palm of her hand.

“You’ve had it this time you little shit, you hear me, had it.” 

She slammed a fist on the desk with fire in her eyes yet it didn’t startle her brother as he sat, slumped and lazy in silence.

“You know why father wanted me to be in charge of the family, ay Weasel, you know why?”

Her brother let out a sigh and rubbed his tired face.

“I’ve told you not to call me Weasel.”

She let out a snort and slammed her fist on the desk once more, this time hearing a crack as she did so, it wouldn’t have been the first she’d smashed a desk.

“I’ll call you what I want, right. Now, what in the New Jersey fuck happened tonight.”

The room fell silent, even the breathing could barely be heard but it was almost as if you could hear a faint crackle of fire emerge from somewhere.

“Are you going to tell me or what. I want answers, all you had to do was take her to the alley, teach her a lesson or two and be done with it.”

Antonio stood by the doorway and let out a snigger, another thud to the desk and a shake of the room.

“You weren’t much use either Antonio, she still got away didn’t she.”

He looked panicked and flustered, not knowing what to say. It was rare she ever saw him like this, she clearly was representing a very bad mood which pleased her more.

“Look, I didn’t feel like killing an innocent girl, alright. Not tonight, not any night. Anyway, you and dad always knew I didn’t like all that stuff. I never signed up for mob family life like you did.”

She began heavy breathing, she hated these words that came out his mouth and wanted to put a gun to his head straight away and release the trigger, she paused though, taking a deep breath and extempore herself, freely.

“You’ve been useless to this family Weasel, you know that. Useless. She took from us, stole, you know what that means don’t you.”

He let out another sigh then rested his hands behind his head leaning back in the chair.

“Death as always from this family, you steal we kill, you take whats ours we kill, you look at us funny, guess what we kill.”

She cracked her knuckles, moving closer to her brother and sitting on the edge of the desk facing in front of him. She pierced into his eyes with hers and grinned.

“Useless little boy you are. So, if you know all this then why, why didn’t you do it?”

She cracked her knuckles again, clenched her fist tight and swung for his jaw with a swoop and a crack. He coughed, let out a sound of displeasure then splurged blood on the floor.

“I think we’ve had enough of you Weasel, the family I mean. I never cared for you, just had you in amongst this because father wanted you to don the family name as well.”

Another swoop of a fist thundered out of nowhere clasping across the other side of his jaw, the same reactions came from him. He tried to speak but couldn’t, no words would leave his mouth.

“You’ll never fail me again, you hear me. I. Am. Done.”

She wiped her hands together, blood across her knuckles and clicked at Antonio, pointing at her brother as she did.

“Take him out, round back. You know what to do. Also, when you’re done take him down to the river, clean him out like the rodent he is.”

Antonio looked panicked, he quickly dragged the brother out of the room by the chair as he sat barely able to move. The door closed behind him in a shudder.

“Goodbye Weasel, my horrible little brother. Welcome to fuckin New Jersey!”

As she went to sit back down, she picked up her phone, seeing a missed call. She gave the number a ring back and had a sharp and venomous tone straight away.

“Have you found her yet? You’ve been there, seen whats happened am I right?”

A brief pause as the person on the other line mumbled away about the situation.

“Right, you find her, tell me when you do and, well, don’t mess it up.”

She hung up the call, threw the phone on the now cracked area of the desk and sat back in her large leather chair. She grabbed a dark brown cigar labelled Habanos, lighting it and taking a big puff blowing the thick grey cloud into the air.

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