I Miss You, But I Love You (Banana Pancakes Pt 29)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

(This part of the story picks up after Pt 26.)

“Troy, what. I’ve got to go, wait.” Avery stuttered, trying to comprehend the “I love you.” He just dished our.

Troy stood there stunned, words couldn’t come from his mouth and he just looked frozen in place. There was no insipid enthusiasm to what he said,

A noise, beep then a soothing woman’s voice spoke across the speakers.

“Look, that’s me Troy. I have to go.” Avery said in panic, she kissed Troy on the cheek, he still stood there in place.

As she spun round, dragging her case behind her he grabbed her hand, “We have to talk about this.” He blurted out.

She stopped, pulling her hand away from his, “About what Troy. You said those three words, I’m sorry, I’m just not ready.”

She pulled away again, steering her case away, “I meant what I said though, I will miss you.” She blew him a kiss, but Troy just stood still, frozen in the same position like a statue had formed in the middle of the airport.

He watched as she walked away in the distance, becoming a faint blur before his eyes.

People passed him in the accommodation he now found himself of the airport, nobody staring this was usual for a New York airport, love and heartbreak all at once.

Troy eventually went to sit down on a seat, next to a family, two parents and their two kids. One boy and one girl, aged maybe five to eight, he wasn’t sure.

He took some time, some silence to just think. Was it all happening again, did he have any idea what he was doing in a relationship at all.

“Hey mister why so sad.” The little girl said with a zing as she sat next to Troy, tugging at his hoodie to get some attention. “You look real sad.”

Troy looked at her and smiled, the kind of smile you give a child to assure them not everything in the world is bad, “I just said bye to a friend, that’s all.”

“Do you miss you’re friend already?” She said chattering away.

Troy smiled again, “Yeah I do, even though she just left.”

“Oh, when I miss someone I just think of them hard and I know they’re doing the same and it makes me feel better.” She said smiling in her hapless toothed mouth.

“Is that right, well I just might have to do that.” He said back.

The little girl went quiet for a moment, clearly thinking hard for Troy’s next question she was going to throw at him.

“So, do you love this friend? Like a lot?”

“Yeah, I do. And yeah, a lot as well. I miss her and I love her.” He said, letting out a real smile this time as he thought of Avery.

“Well this friend must love you as well.”

Troy thought for a moment, does she? If she did she’d say it surely. Thoughts started traveling through his head, he wasn’t sure anymore of what was going on.

“I’m not so sure she does love me back.” He said, starting to slump into his seat.

“Oh don’t be silly, course she does. Everyone loves each other a little.” The little girl started kicking her feet on the seat, “I’m Indigo by the way. My mummy called me that, but my daddy doesn’t like it. He calls it hipster whatever that is. I’m not sure, I’m only six.”

The little girls mother started shouting to her as the family got their suitcases ready.

“I think I gotta go, but it was nice speaking to you mister. See you later and remember everyone loves each other a little.”

The little girl got up out her seat and wandered off chasing after her family, she took one more glance back and waved at Troy and he aged back.

He thought of Avery, her walking away and the moment they had before that. Maybe it was alright she didn’t say the L word back, there’s no rush, maybe he was rushing things after what happened between him and Jess.

Jess fluttered in his head, he started having thoughts of her then shoo them out in an instance.

“I miss you Avery, but I also love you.”

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