I loved sitting on the top of the New York Tower, panning down to the crying civvies below. Weeping for attention, success, help and whatever else they needed in their day to day life.

The view from up here was incredible, but I knew it could all get abolished at any moment. That’s reason #137 why I love living in New York. Not for the fancy lifestyles, the selfies, the good food, although the pizza was delicious, anyway, not for the people, or the heroes and villains which lurked round every corner, no, I loved it for that idea we could all be gone in a moment.

I liked the idea of that, anything to keep me on edge.

You see, some call me a hero, others might label me a bad guy, alright I’ll take some things here and there I could do with, like this gorgeous New York pizza, also breaking onto the roof of this building, what I’m saying is, I don’t like labels.

I wasn’t a hero, in my eyes anyway. Also, I wasn’t one of the bad guys either. I didn’t really care for either side, I didn’t get involved in their petty squabbling and fighting, although sometimes I would just for the fun of it.

The thought which sticks in my head every damn day was this kid, said she liked my costume, it was basically a hoodie, sort of, kind of like a dark red cape and hood combo, but I thought it’s just a hoodie. I remember her little smile, “I like those goggles as well, they’re cooool.” I remember her saying, that lovely little smile shining through my day. About 10-minutes later she got blown away with her family in a fiery death during a battle between some heroes and villains.

I couldn’t save them. That’s why I hate heroes, villains and the whole of society.

Now, I just help out here and there, do what I want really with these weird powers I have, but I don’t care for the world if they don’t care for each other anymore. That’s why I like to take a view from way up here, looking down on them and just hoping something will wipe us all out at once, why not.

That day, I took a good look at myself and what I was trying to become, you see back them it wasn’t all doom and gloom, I wanted to be a hero, tried so hard to be a cool female superhero kids wanted to look up to, but after what happened, I remember staring down in my reflection in the river. I’d just stopped to think, but the tears came quicker than expected, that was the last time I cried and even felt something.

From there, I never wanted to be associated with either side, the good or the bad, I wanted to be that little thing in the middle so just used my powers for whatever the hell I wanted.

Even now, stuffing in an extra slice of Antonio’s extra spicy meat pizza, dangling my legs off this high up tower building. Way down there I can see a fight break out between some goodies and baddies, do I care, nope. I’m just going to sit back and watch the world burn, heard that from a movie once.

I am now the anti-heroine now. Erw, even that sounds weird.

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