Welcome To New Jersey Part IV

*This is part of ‘Point Of View‘ from Fingers to Sky where an overall story will show four different characters in different POV. This chapter is first person female.

It felt cold sitting in that concrete room, four walls covered in a dirty white, the one way mirror in front of me as they all stared through. I could feel their eyes beaming down on me, this wasn’t good.

They’d given me some water, assured me that I wasn’t in any trouble and I was free to go anytime. It was for some random questioning, that’s what they were saying, I wasn’t so sure.

A man burst through the door, not an officer, it was a detective looking angry and having an unpleasant nature.

“Well, well, well. Where the hell is it?”He said with venom in his sound.

I just looked him up and down, who did he think he was, I wasn’t even going to tell him anything.

The chair moved out with a screech, slow and steady. He threw himself down and let out a sigh.

“I haven’t got time for this. Just tell me where it is already.”

“Sorry officer, I ain’t the faintest what you mean.” A comeback he wasn’t expecting, I hope.

A fist slammed on the desk, I jumped with a fright. I was sensitive, I’d been through a hell of a lot tonight and couldn’t deal with much more. Plus I was weeping blood all over their, well not so nice flooring.

He piped up again, “Come on, do I have to paint the pretty picture for you? Or are you just going to tell me what I wanna know?”

I just shrugged, I ain’t telling him nothing, but I need to figure out a way of this hell hole situation I’m in now.

“Right then. It’s like that.” He opened a file on the table, wiping through some long winded documents. “So, Angela Badola, can I call you Angie?”

I let out another shrug again, like I said, I wasn’t giving him anything.

“You’ve pissed off the wrong person. You work in a club, Wilder Thoughts, am I right? Well, worked is more like it.” 

He knows a lot already, this didn’t seem good. I thought I’d got away with this but tonight has just spiraled out of control.

“You took something, stole from the good ol owner of Wilder Thoughts. But one thing, do you have any idea who you’ve stolen off?”

He had me here, I didn’t know who it was but it was clearly someone big. After all, they had two guys sent after me tonight, one didn’t have the balls to shoot me and caught me in the leg. Stupid me went to the hospital and got caught by the police.

“Don Macioveni.” 

I’m hoping by my facial expression he realised I had no idea what he was going on about, but I thought why not let him no anyway. “Nope, no idea who that is.”

This guys face pulled a pecuiliar one, like he wanted to punch me solid in the face and send me flying through the wall for what I just said, however he managed to play it cool and collected.

“You stole from her.” Oh, she’s a she, twist to the story I see, he continued on. “The Don is the most powerful person in New Jersey and you worked right under her nose in Wilder Thoughts, she let you into her home, her business and gave you a job…”

Yeah, as a stripper no doubt.

“And you took that from her and stole, am I right?” Another shrug from me to let him know I really don’t care.

“Look, I don’t know who or what you’re going on about. I ain’t stole nothing, you hear. I wasn’t even at work tonight, alright, so get off my back.” I said with some deep anger of my own.

A fist slammed on the table again, it shuddered through my body.

“What did you do with the money Angie, tell me for fuck sake.”

I loved a good shrug so let out another, “Well, bought some clothes, went traveling, by the way Portugal is lovely this time of year. I even headed to Cuba for a bit, you know, why not ay. New Jersey just draws me back in though every time.”

He didn’t like the jokes I was making one bit so the other fist came slamming down this time. Before I knew it the table lifted and went into the wall and with the other hand he had me out of the chair and against the wall.

“You see I think you took the money, ran but later got caught out stupidly telling a gal of yours. She told the boys of the Don’s and one thing after another they found you, am I right. They had you, two of her men and after they questioned you, they took you to an alley but didn’t go through with it.”

Man, this guy was pretty dead on the money right now.

“You took a stray bullet to the leg, again your stupidity got in the way and led you to the hospital where my guys picked you up.”

I couldn’t shrug this time, even if I could I don’t think it’d be worth it. His grip tightened round my neck and then I noticed the red lights were off on the cameras in either corner, he had me trapped and could do anything.

He leaned in closer and whispered, “You see, Angie I’m detective McKlark and I have a very important case on my hands right now. You’ve stolen from my employer Don Macioveni and she wants it back. So, one last time, tell me where the money is.”

I squirmed, tried to catch my breath but he had me off the floor, my toes trying to just touch the concrete below but I couldn’t. There was a strange look of excitement in his face at the time but then suddenly I dropped down.

Coughing and spitting, I tried to collect my air again as he paced side to side of the room, puffing and panting. He lifted me up by my shirt, “You’re not leaving here till you tell me where the money is.”

My thoughts shifted, I’d hid the money of course, one stupid mistake I hadn’t made tonight of all nights. It sat with my neighbour, Betty, another stripper of course but she could be trusted. There was no way they were going to find it there, I just had to get out of here then I can flee the city with her and finally get out of this stinking whole.

Welcome to New Jersey my ass.

A chair swung round and he sat down on it, cracking his fingers. “Best start telling me. Nobodies coming to save you here, Angie.”


  • This was a POV experiment to try out different POV styles, first person male, third person male, third person female and first person female. To read each in order check out the links below and remember to check out the original post which inspired this over at POV Flannel from Fingers to Sky, here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of theres.
  • Welcome to New Jersey Part I (first person male), Part II  (third person male) and Part III (third person female.)

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