Blood Moon

I only had a little time left till the big moment, what we’d been waiting for for so long.

The excitement tingled through me, at the same time slight fear for not knowing what may happen. We had an idea, but nothing concrete of course. Only the words of Mabel Marbel, who would stutter out random words, the moon, beginnings, the restart of the world, that kind of thing.

The crazy old hag had a way of losing her mind, getting out of control, but my being near her ushers her down, I had my way to placate her.

Inside my small family home, my room, the four walls where I’d conceived so much. I didn’t have to get much together, this day was prepared. A few ingredients, my pendant of course and bracelet, passed down from the order.

It was time, I grabbed my bicycle, our always more of transport. We didn’t believe in the methods of man and machines juggernauting through the peaceful world we once had, almost a literal quote from Marbel, I loved her old time sayings she’d spew out.

As I raced through the neighbourhood, it was Erie, the moon was already forming so I had to pick up the pace.

The streets were dead, the trees towering down the lanes and over the road shrouding everything in shadows against the street lamps beams.

My legs kicked harder and harder, I wasn’t seeing anyone. Was it superstition? Maybe, we’d started some of that ourselves, the possibility was quite sure, some thought they had to avoid seeing the moon, others thought it would plague their mind and control them, all child’s tales.

The view was coming up, the gardens. A parkland that was pretty much abandoned but was our real homes. Where we lived apart from our fake families,

Everything was dead in the gardens, plagued by man as Marbel would prayer off again. She’d been accustomed to blaming everything on man and machine.

I was here, the spot in which we would embark the new world. The chosen world.

My sisters sat in a circle, a few like me, the stragglers, were releasing our bikes to the ground and walking towards the circle.

A fire bloomed in the middle, thrashing reds and oranges in a bright light as everyone sat in darkness. I’ll always remember walking towards my sisters, the pleasure we all felt and the knowing we had coming.

Taking my place between Isabella and Anna, we held hands, the circle grew in size and as it did so did the fire. Before I knew it Marbel appeared from the darkness, like a doorway she had awaited to exit. She spouted a few words, raised her hands and said “It is time.”

I shuddered, but so did everyone else we felt it, holding hands. The chain reaction melting is all together.

The moon shined but wiped into a red as the fire suddenly grew so we couldn’t view it anymore. When it calmed, it blew down into a solid red and so fourth came the red moon, he blood moon.

As it did and he flames calmed. The ground shook, cracking in lines and breathing flames. We sat, chanting one by one, showing no sign of weakness during the blood moon.

The cracks grew bigger and so did the flames, none of us knew what was going to come next.

It had happened. It was the new beginning.


One thought on “Blood Moon

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