Lullaby Of Nightmares

My breathing was heavy as I awoke in the woods.

How did I get here, what was I doing. So many questions filled my mind at once, it was too hard to handle.

It was darkness all around me, I only knew it was woods from the leaves beneath my body and the forms of oak around, like a perfect circle of trees surrounding me.

As I tried to move slightly, my legs were weak and my arms grew heavy as I tried to lift them. It was as it all my bodily expectations where gone and I was powerless.

The blacks in the night grew darker and I could hear noises, almost whispers in the dead of the night.

They grew louder but through this I could feel my body being energised, as if a rush of adrenaline to flee this lies my mind was telling me.

Inching my body movements, I managed to stand, raise myself above the ground and form my feet below. The darkness was heavy on me, as if resting on my shoulders but I noticed, in this black landscape there was nothing, no breeze, no pitter of animals, no interaction with nature.

I was alone.

As the whispers grew, my body movements quickened. I paced through the woods, running, dodging branches and over grown roots to try and find an escape.

I could feel something around me, something in the distance pulling me into the darkness, as if leading me to what was or what could be. The confusion seeped in again, through my mind and my memories of what was happening.

Suddenly it ended, the whispers stopped and there was an echo of silence cascading through this woodland. Then I heard it, a lullaby transcending through the woods as if cutting through time and space.

I halted, paused my footsteps and the darkness crept back in. Easing towards my feet, it moved closer, the lullaby growing stronger.

It pierced my mind, as if I knew it, felt where it came from. It was that day, the day in the woods. We were a family.

Flashes of my memories entered in a stream at once, it caused pain, hurt and anger all at once. I could feel it again, running from my demons, trying to bring me back down.

My brothers face stunned my retinas, what I did, it all came back but I tried to push the memories away just like before.

The woods. The lullaby he used to sing. The anger I had. He had all the cynosure from my family and that caused me jealousy. It caused me pain.

So I caused him pain and no I was paying for it through this nightmare landscape for my mind to suffer.

The darkness was at my feet, covering then, making my existence disappear as my mind extinguished it’s last flame.

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