Nervous Bus Ride

I was nervous, unsure and thought this would be problematic.

The bus shook yet again, third time this morning.

How do I start it, my words from my mouth would be good, but what if I can’t.

I feel my pulse quicken, it’s not been like this before, the feelings moving through my body, my skin tingle and the hairs standing on end.

Another shake, can this driver avoid pot holes at least, or maybe try to anyway.

I hear shouting from the back. Two kids, Derek and Eric, I know, can’t make this stuff up. They were taunting another kid, dangling his bag out the tiny window of the danger wagon we rode.

Do I start it off as “Hey”, maybe, what about “Hi”, nah too much.

We hit a hole and the bus rose ever so slightly, everyone at once bounced out their seat but landed firmly on it.

I on the other hand bounced and landed on my face. I could hear the giggling, the laughing, their fingers pointing through my back in hysterics.

Lifting myself, today is not that day, but the important person didn’t notice, not even an usher.

Looking around, they weren’t laughing at me, it was the kids bag, the bounce threw it out of Derek and Eric’s hands. It was now off in the distance somewhere down the road.

I push on, shivering, or tingles, I’m not sure.

Everything was loud, I wanted quiet, but when I get there it’ll be silence, I hope.

There was only me and one other person, James, who knew what I was up to, what I was doing, he was my confidant, my number one. I could trust him with anything.

It was time, I was here stood before the very bench they were at, a space still free. I prepared my throat, clearing it with a cough. I’d speak succinct, so they knew exactly what I was saying.

Wait, the cough startled them, I wasn’t prepared for this.

Her head turned, those piercing blue eyes saw through me. Her hair flicked like a TV ad in slow motion and just like that, everything around me became silent.

It was just me and her.

I blurted it out, “Will you go to the dance with me?”

A pause, hesitation, was this good or bad, I wasn’t sure.

Then it happened, as if in slow motion. The lips came together, her eyes blinked and a smile formed across her beautiful face.

“Sorry, James already asked me.”

My heart disappeared. It was gone, crushed in one brisk moment. My confidant, or betrayer he’ll be known going forward beat me to it, he destroyed the bro code.

How could he.


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