Stars Above My Bed

I would sit on the edge of my bed each night, staring into the cosmic whirlpool sky and just imagine being whisked away into that vast darkness.

Every night this was, as I hoped and prayed it would happen but it never came to light.

Sometimes you want away from this distant land, into something new, I was a kid, I just wanted an adventure.

Living with two parents who hated each other, but equally disregarded me even more. The damage was done and sometimes, that shooting star across the sky made me reconsider it could possibly be reversible.

Of course it wasn’t.

The imagination of a child is a powerful thing. It can not only create ideas, but entire worlds filled with people and places. It’s quite amazing and derived me from the awkwardness that was life and what surrounded me.

There was this one day, one specific night in 96′ where I had just given up. I’d had enough and there was the 12 year-old me, sitting on that bed thinking, that’s it.

The stars were out, the night sky was black and the field behind my home ushered in freedom. It whispered for my escape.

I couldn’t abide by this home anymore so packed a bag. The essentials, my Gameboy including Mario. My CD walkman of course. A few clothes, not much though. A swiss army knife, no idea where I ever got that from. Also a compass. Don’t know why I took that but, hey, this one time it did come in handy.

Opening my window on the first floor, scrambling out and into the garden. I ran and hoped the fence before me.

I was there, free in the field with me, the clothes on my back, my bag and the world before me.

I never got to see much of that world, but I did get to see much much more.

That night, it changed everything.

I faintly remember it. The stars wizzing past one another, the bright light that beamed down from the darkness as I was dissolving into it.

Not even a panic strickened my face in that moment. I was free, then abducted to start a whole new life in the stars.

I finally got my wish. I was to journey in the stars above my bed.


(This is a prequel to Shooting Star Through The Cosmos as I might do more follow up stories with this.)



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