Happy Ending

“Happy birthday.”

When someone says belated that’s where my first thought goes.

A belated happy birthday. My second thought is how rude.

How rude of my best friend to not wish me a happy birthday, let alone not coming for food. A nice birthday Meal, like that could ever happen.

It makes me dwell, the thought around birthdays and best wishes. It’s all filled with heartless intake. Just say it, don’t put any emotion around it because no one will care.

It’s quite easy to see your friendships spiral out of control. Seeing them dwindle, as if from a far or though a glass box and being unable to do anything but view them.

It’s painful. It’s rude.

I tried to always be resplendent, to always show my true colourful self. Sometimes this just can’t be done.

When that message, “Happy birthday” came through, I’d paused with the anger trembling inside me.

The second message “belated, LOL” was the icing on the cake, good timing I know.

My rage echoed through every surrounding. It cascaded the entire world as I prepared to let rip into what was once my best friend.

The degrading friendship is an interesting thing. Two people, two friends.

This wasn’t over the birthday message or the belated thing, nothing like that. No. This had gone on for almost a year, and this, this moment was where I let my anger slipped and call it an end to the friendship for good.

“Happy belated ending.”

One thought on “Happy Ending

  1. Sometimes you have to clear your closet of things that don’t fit. I have been there several times, in the long run I felt better reducing toxic people and welcoming new like minded friends. Cheers

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