Distance Under The Stars

It was always difficult saying goodbye. How do you do it, when and where? Always complicated.

Losing that contact by never that feeling of closeness.

A simple farewell, a long due goodbye, a see ya later? Always complex and feeling like the end.

That long flight away, hitching a ride to the airport first then hoping the plane at gate 6. Tickets, passport all lined up and handed over. Searched, checks all out the way. Now, sitting on the plane, the landing strip ahead ready for take off.

Looking out that small window in my seat I reflected. Thought of what was, what could have been and what is now and how this all changed. What I expected.

I had no choice, the opportunity ahead of me was just too good and sadly, we had to end. Part ways, farewells whatever you want to call it. The love we had but could never show. The friendship we had, may still have, but we always wanted more. We were moving on.

We’d been friends since the early days, the earliest memories. You were like my doppelgänger. As we grew older, we’d fall in love, but somehow, someway we were always with other people, alternate people and every time I thought, why not us. Why not you and me, but it never was. The timing just didn’t seem right.

One day, perhaps it will be. But for now, it’s a farewell as I leave, a distance away but you’ll always be in my mind. So, I write to you to bid my goodbye because in person it would just be too much for the both of us.

One thing though when I do sit on that plane and stare out at the night sky, under the stars and constellations, I’d know, no matter where we both were, or are, we’d be congregating under those stars in the distance as we both gaze up at them.

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